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Yellow Tail Wine Celebrates Animals and The HSUS

The HSUS received a $100,000 donation, through the "[tails] for tails" program, to help animals

[yellow tail]

[yellow tail]

So much of what The HSUS does every day involves confronting cruelty to animals. But a significant part of our mission is also to encourage people to celebrate the animals in their lives. And who knows more about celebration than a company that makes great wine?

That's why The HSUS paired with [yellow tail] for the "[tails] for tails" program. Through the end of March, you'll see special [yellow tail] displays bearing The HSUS name and logo in stores across the country.

Look for the "[tails] for tails" promotion in stores through the end of March, 2010 and help support The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team.

Through "[tails] for tails," [yellow tail] has targeted its $100,000 donation to support The HSUS' Animal Rescue Team, which rescues animals in peril, whether from natural disasters or large-scale cruelty cases.

To find out more about [yellow tail], visit their website.