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December 23, 2013

Corporate Support

The many ways companies help our work

The Humane Society of the United States is pleased to work with myriad corporations that share our vision of a more humane society. Our corporate supporters help promote our work and increase the reach and visibility of The HSUS through sponsorship, trademark licensing, cause-marketing promotions, and activities that generate revenue and/or otherwise support and promote our mission. These important sustaining contributions not only support our animal welfare programs, but give consumers more ways to support our cause. We are grateful to our corporate supporters for their support. 

Types of Corporate Relationships

The HSUS continually reviews proposals from companies that want to benefit our organization either through long-term or short-term revenue-generating promotions. For all relationships, The HSUS requires a contract specifying the terms of the program or promotion. Under no circumstances may the registered trademarks of The HSUS be used without express written permission. Below are some examples of the types of corporate alliances we have.

Affinity Program

Affinity Programs offer products or services associated with a charity that individuals can elect to use on a regular and recurring basis to show their support. Examples of affinity programs include credit cards and personal checks. The charity benefits each and every time the consumer uses their affinity product, regardless of the product purchased. To find out more about affinity programs, please contact corprelations@humanesociety.org.

Cause Marketing/Trademark License

Cause marketing is a popular way for individuals to support a charity by purchasing products that result in a donation to the charity. Cause marketing is also called a commercial co-venture or charitable sales promotion and certain states have specific regulations governing this type of promotion. The company must clearly state the percentage of the sales price or a specific dollar amount that will be donated as a result of the sale. Cause marketing requires a trademark license—a grant to use The HSUS's name and/or logo in conjunction with the advertising, packaging, and/or product itself. To find out more about cause marketing/trademark license, please contact corprelations@humanesociety.org.


The HSUS has a wide diversity of sponsorship opportunities. We hold several annual nationwide events including The Genesis AwardsAnimal Care Expo, the Taking Action for Animals conference, and much more. The HSUS' programs may also have sponsorship opportunities. Our Animal Care Centers, Spay Day campaign and our major national and global campaigns are some examples of available sponsor programs. To find out more about sponsorships, please contact corprelations@humanesociety.org


Reach an audience of 1,800,445 adults with an ad in All Animals Magazine, the award-winning bi-monthly member magazine of The HSUS. Your message will be read by discerning, intelligent, influential consumers: 62.7% college graduates and beyond; 89.4%/10.6% female/male; median age 56.8; median HHI $83,000; 83% are pet owners. To inquire about advertising opportunities or to receive the 2014 Media Kit, please contact allanimalsads@humanesociety.org.

Shelter Partners

The HSUS has a Shelter Partners program which offers companies a way to promote their product or service to animal shelters and humane societies at a discount or special benefit to the shelter. In return, the company receives advertising, sponsorship, and licensing benefits from The HSUS. For more on this program, please contact shelterpartners@humanesociety.org.

Ad Revenue Share Program

The HSUS also has business relationships whereby we are associated with entities that features advertising (most often websites or applications) that do not require an individual to purchase anything. The donation to the charity is based on the sales of advertising by the company. To find out more about this program, please contact corprelations@humanesociety.org.

Additional Opportunities 

If you wish to work with us and the project involves a celebrity, author/book, artist, or an entertainment property, please contact kbauch@humanesociety.org. For in-kind donations (gifts of products or services), contact corprelations@humanesociety.org.

If you are interested in linking to our website only and do not have a product or service promotion to propose, please review our link policy. 

See some of our corporate supporters.

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