"A Pig's Tail" Wins Telly Award!
The film was named as a winner in the Animation category in the 34th Annual Telly Awards.
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The Humane Society of the United States has teamed up with Academy Award-winning Aardman Studios to create A Pig's Tail, a short but compelling animated film about a pig’s perspective of factory farming. Featuring the voices of James Arnold Taylor and Catherine Taber and original music by Steven Delopoulos, the film gives a taste of how animals are treated on factory farms—and how we can help by choosing more humane alternatives. Watch it here and share it with others, then scroll down the page to learn more.

Understanding Where Our Food Comes From

Highlighting the Plight of Animals on Factory Farms

Made possible with funding from the Steven C. Leuthold Family Foundation, “A Pig’s Tail” was created by Aardman Animations in partnership with The HSUS to expose the problems with industrial agriculture and educate about more humane ways of farming. Learn more about the project and our work with farmers dedicated to responsible agriculture, then find out how to decode animal product labels.

Celebrating the Spirit of Food Day

By celebrating Food Day on October 24 with the release of the film, we want to inspire people of all ages to consider where their food comes from. As Christine Gutleben, The HSUS’s senior director of Faith Outreach, explains, “Most children are captivated by animals and have the potential to care about how they are treated. Through this film, they will see farm animals as creatures capable of suffering and farm workers as often caught up in an abusive system along with the animals. Read more on foodday.org

For Parents & Teachers

After watching the film with children and students, use our lesson plan to help explore and explain the issues. Get the curriculum

Just for Kids – Read Kind News!

The upcoming December/January issue of our popular kids’ magazine, Kind News, focuses on the fascinating pig. Read "The Real Deal About Pigs" for a sneak peek of the issue! 

Meet the Artists

James Arnold Taylor
Catherine Taber
Steven Delopoulos

Video game enthusiasts, sci-fi fans, and children of all ages know James Arnold Taylor and Catherine Taber as the voices of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala in the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series and related video games.

Now, they’re lending their voices to A Pig’s Tail, with Taber as Ginger the pig and Taylor as the farmer. Taber and Taylor, along with Steven Delopoulos, who created the film’s original music, told us why they took part in the project.
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"A Pig's Tail succeeds in addressing a harsh subject like factory farming in a manner that's gentle enough for young viewers. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Greene, author of the forthcoming book "DOVE—Demonstrating Our Values through Eating"

"This is an incredibly powerful story that is appropriate for all ages (including adults!). It's amazing that a message this important for the planet in general and factory farm animals in particular fits into the small time space of this animated video. It's a great tool to begin a discussion on the ethical treatment of animals."
- Rev. Teri Schecter, Deacon, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Grand Junction, Colo.

"A Pig’s Tail provides parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss the lack of ethics in today’s meat industry, helping children imagine a better way forward. A film like this demonstrates the beautiful potential of liberating animals and famers alike from a system that degrades God's good creation."
- Kurt Willems, Writer, Animal Advocate, and Church Planter

"A Pig's Tail is a cleverly done video that shows children how pigs are abused in the process of providing food for our tables. It's colorful and entertaining, yet its message is powerful and emotional. Capture a child's attention, and you will get their parents' attention as well. Kudos to the HSUS for providing this vital public service!"
- Rev. Nadine Martin, Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Tucson, Ariz.

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