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December 21, 2012

Food, Faith & Eating Mercifully

Good stewardship of farm animals is part of caring for God's creation.

Explore Eating Mercifully, the compelling documentary that examines critical findings of a Pew Commission report on U. S. industrial animal agriculture and considers factory farming practices from several Christian viewpoints.

This 26-minute film may forever change the way you look at food and faith. The HSUS premiered Eating Mercifully in 2008. Today, it continues to be one of the organization's most requested resources. Order the film and see for yourself why the film continues to be shown and discussed in colleges, universities, and congregations nationwide.

Resources & Ideas 

Reduce, replace, refine

"Eating Mercifully: Christian Perspectives on Factory Farming"

More Ideas

 Alternative food sources

  • Search the internet for CSA and your city or town for a list of local suppliers of Consumer Supported Agriculture
  • Explore food labels


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