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December 20, 2012

Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

There are many ways your church can reach out to pet owners, providing support for both people and animals

  • Support programs that strengthen family bonds with animals. Ralph Hawthorn

  • Consider featuring adoptable pets in your newsletter. HSUS

  • Consider animal-friendly services and programming. HSUS

  • Animals may provide comfort to many members of your congregation.

The animals who share our homes become part of our families. We rejoice in their happiness and grieve their passing. For those of us who live alone, pets can be our closest companions. They also provide vital public and therapeutic services.

A ministry for companion animals serves the needs of people and animals. Your faith group can "Fill the Bowl" for pets of families in need, volunteer to care for the pets of sick congregation members, explore animal-assistance therapy, plan a youth-group ministry to help local animal shelters, and much more to make a difference in your community.

Pet Projects


The Fill the Bowl Project

What would you do if you couldn't afford to feed your pet? Every day, families struggle to keep food on the table for their children and food in the bowl for their pets. Some must give up their pets because they simply can't feed them.

At the same time, animal shelters and rescue groups strive to feed the growing number of cats, dogs, and other homeless pets in their care. The Humane Society of the United States has made it easy for you to help these families, shelters, and rescues with the Fill the Bowl Project.




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Fill the Bowl Project

 Helping pets and the
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