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December 21, 2012

Protecting Wildlife from Abuse

Your church can help animals suffering from habitat loss, destructive tourism practices and the illegal wildlife trade

  • Babe, an African elephant, had lived at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch since 1996 after she was discarded by a traveling circus. Ben Callison


    Get your congregation involved in ending wildlife abuses, like Canada's commercial seal slaughter. HSUS

Animals around the world suffer from habitat loss, destructive tourism practices, and illegal trade. They are also killed for their pelts or other body parts.

You can help God's animals all around the world by starting a fur coat drive to re-purpose old furs that aid orphaned wildlife and reconsidering purchases that may support abusive wildlife practices and compromise animals' natural habitat.



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Entertainment issues


More ideas


Know what it means to be "fur-free" and help reduce animal suffering


Take the fur-free pledge


Canadian seafood boycott to protect seals


Organize a screening of a wildlife documentary




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