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Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation

Part of The HSUS Faith Outreach Booklet Series

The Humane Society of the United States

Matthew Halteman, assistant professor of philosophy at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has collaborated with The Humane Society of the United States on a booklet, "Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation."

Mr. Halteman was recently honored with an HSUS Animals and Society Course Award—the Distinguished Innovative Course Award for "Peaceable Kingdom: Transforming Our Relationships with Animals."

Read more about the award

Here's what Stephen H. Webb, theologian and professor of religion at Wabash College in Indiana and author of several publications and books including On God and Dogs and Good Eating (The Christian Practice of Everyday Life series), had to say about the booklet:

"Matt Halteman just might have written the single best brief presentation of the case for animal compassion. If I had only one book to give to friends interested in the intersection of faith and animal welfare, this would be it. Halteman's style is invitational and welcoming. He knows his facts, and he knows his ethical and theological arguments, but most of all, he knows that many people of faith are looking for guidance on the difficult moral issue of how to treat animals in our modern society. This booklet is gracefully written, but it is also a summons to all Christians to seek God's grace in coming to terms with the dignity and worth of all of God's creation."

Update, July 2012: Note from the author about the "Prayer for Animals," attributed to St. Basil.