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January 23, 2013

The HSUS Presents at Evangelical Theological Society Conference

Faith Outreach Senior Director Christine Gutleben spoke on "The Development of Evangelical Perspectives on Animals"

  • Christine Gutleben spoke on "The Development of Evangelical Perspectives on Animals." The HSUS

Christine Gutleben, senior director of The Humane Society of the United States's Faith Outreach program, presented on "The Development of Evangelical Perspectives on Animals" at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Milwaukee, Wisc., on November 14–16, 2012.

The meeting's theme, "Caring for Creation," provided a welcomed platform for Ms. Gutleben to discuss animal protection with Christian leaders from around the country. She presented as a distinguished speaker by invitation of Dr. Allen Yeh, chairman of the World Christianity consultation at the Evangelical Theological Society.

An excerpt of Ms. Gutleben's presentation:

"...in the last decade there has been a remarkable re-emergence of concern for animals among Evangelicals, and fortunately this trend is likely to continue. This reawakening of compassion is a result of two simultaneous, emerging strands of awareness. The first is around the history of Evangelical compassion for animals and the strong Biblical basis for such concerns. The second is around issues of massive, systematic abuses of animals such as factory farming. As a result of these two strands, Evangelicals are re-discovering how addressing animal protection issues is not just a part of Christian life but also integral to their Biblically mandated responsibilities towards the whole of creation."


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