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Assemblies of God

Official religious statements and contemporary references regarding animals

  • Good stewardship takes many forms. Kristian Sekulic, istock.com

Assemblies of God was founded in the United States in 1914 amidst a time of international Pentecostal revival.

Today, it is the world's largest Pentecostal denomination. The Assemblies of God characterizes itself as having a fourfold mission: "Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, and Compassion."

"The Assemblies of God believes everyone needs to be a good steward of all God’s creation–including the earth. As clearly indicated in Scripture, we believe the earth was created by God (Genesis 1:1-31; Isaiah 37:16)....

"[W]e feel Christians must act responsibly in their use of God’s earth as we rightly harvest its resources. As stated in Genesis 1:27-30, we believe God has given mankind alone complete dominion (authority) over the earth’s resources. These resources include the land, the water, the vegetation, and the earth’s minerals; as well as the animals, fish, and fowl. Like the earth, we acknowledge these to be gifts from God to mankind; and as gifts they are to be appreciated and cherished." —from Assemblies of God, General Council, Environmental Protection.

Interested in learning more?

You'll find more offical statements and contemporary references on animals, including links to documents and articles, in our Assemblies of God fact sheet (PDF).

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