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The Bible's Teachings on Protecting Animals and Nature

Part of The HSUS Faith Outreach Booklet Series

The Humane Society of the United States

The Bible's Teachings on Protecting Animals in Nature, a booklet prepared by Lewis Regenstein, president of the Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature, is one in a series from HSUS Animals & Religion.

Regenstein examines scripture and discusses its lessons on:

  • God's Love for Nature
  • Human-Stewardship Responsibilities
  • Religion and Protection of Animals
  • and more...


The Bible and the Judaic-Christian tradition teach and command us to treat animals with kindness and respect. The massive abuse and suffering legally inflicted on billions of animals every year is a clear violation of the teachings of our religious faith and cannot be justified by any person of faith and decency.

The people for whom the Bible was originally written thousands of years ago were intimately familiar with wildlife and domestic animals, especially the practice of raising cattle and other animals. The Bible contains strict rules governing the treatment of farmed animals, and indeed all of God's creatures, which were designed to prevent any unnecessary pain and suffering.

Industrial animal agriculture violates core Christian values. It harms wildlife populations, confines billions of animals in miserable conditions on factory farms, damages the environment, squanders resources, and threatens human health.

Read and/or download the entire booklet [PDF], 16 pages. Copyright 2006 ICPAN.

Updated June 20, 2008

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