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March 8, 2010

Clarity from a Cloud? Episode One in a Divine Calling

Has an animal influenced your faith? Contributors to The Francis Files share their stories.

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Pets, like this orange tabby, can open our hearts to faith. suemack/istockphoto

By Sevi Regis

God is integrally connected to all of His marvelous creation. He made it brilliantly. He watches over it dutifully. He loves it faithfully. And when He deems appropriate, He also makes "house calls."

This fact was made known to me when I was still an agnostic, back in the mid 1980's. From the time I was a child I always loved and rescued animals. I did not play with dolls much, but had a large collection of stuffed animals, my lion, Dinky, being one of my favorite "pets." So at age 26, when Keva, my red-striped cat, was dying of old-age related ills, it hit me hard.

I had her for 16 years after a close friend gave her to me as a tiny kitten. We had all grown up together. A couple of days before she died, realizing that there was nothing more I could for her than to make her comfortable, I looked at the sky and spoke up into the clouds, asking: "What happens after you die? Is there anyone out there who can hear me? Is there anything beyond this life? If you're there, can you please answer me?" I didn't believe in God, but yet my heart was led to pray.

Surprisingly, only 24 hours later I would receive my answer. As a personal trainer, I was preparing to go and work with a client in the gym one Saturday afternoon. I was laying down listening to a Paul Winter album, looking up at the ceiling, when suddenly a cloud swirled into my view through the window. Light, love, and peace were radiating out of the gentle luminous cloud filling me with those feelings. It was a messenger from heaven. I was stunned. The next moment, a voice came forth from the cloud saying: "Everything you've ever heard about God is true. Heaven is real and there is life after death. And this is what heaven is like." Just then, the cloud began to swirl more and fill me with its substance.

From that moment I believed in God and in the after-life. What this showed me is that my love for my cat meant something to God, as God is love and He honors the earnest utterances of our hearts. This is only one of hundreds of such stories that would come in the years to follow.

It was my love for Keva that led me, as an agnostic, to pray and become a person of faith who not only believed, but actually "knew" beyond doubt that God loves all His creatures great and small, and that "not one sparrow falls from the sky" without Him knowing about it and offering the little one a safe landing on the other side. I was a very scientific and practical type of person, not given to visions or apparitions, let alone receiving heavenly missions from above. Yet it did happen to me and others were there to behold the after-effects.

From that moment, I have devoted my life to sharing the great news of this everlasting hope, and specifically, that it is not only awarded to the godly believing among humanity, but broadly to the rest of creation as well, though they are on a different redemption plan. Someday, I will see Keva again in heaven, and all of the others I've been privileged to love and send up through the clouds. Peace be with you.

Sevi Regis is the author of Until We Meet Again: God's Eternal Plan for His Animals.

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