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Dogs: "They Soothe the Soul and Heal the Heart"

The Humane Society of the United States

How has an animal influenced your faith? Contributors to The Francis Files share their stories.

By Brenda Robinson
Toronto, Ontario

When I go out to start my day, if I am feeling down, discouraged and depressed, I am lifted out of this slump when I see a dog walking with its owner down the street.

The dog has its head held up, tail wagging, and is walking with enthusiasm and excitement about his day. When I see this, I think, snap out of it, look at that dog—that is how I should be approaching my day. Excited, with enthusiasm for my day ahead of me.

When they pass another dog on the street, they are excited to see them and to stop and greet them. Another lesson for me on how I should relate to others.

When someone has a pet in public, it is a catalyst to bring total strangers together. People will stop and begin talking immediately, because of the pet. Pets help to bring all races and religions of people together—it is a common bond of a love we share, for animals. 

So animals help me by showing me how I should approach my day, and they bring me in contact with other people, perhaps even some lonely people—their pet brings other people into their lives to share and communicate with.

When I see dog walkers in the morning on my way to work, it always brings a smile to my face, and a warm feeling in my heart. The sight of an animal always put joy in my heart and soul. Unless, of course, they are in pain or being abused, then the opposite happens to me, I feel a lot of pain and sadness.

I think every home should have a pet—they soothe the soul and heal the heart, and they can teach people how to love and care for someone other than themselves.

So yes, I know animals are great spiritual teachers.

Posted Nov. 29, 2007

Do you have a story to share of how an animal has influenced your faith? Submit your story and we may share it with our readers. The opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of The Humane Society of the United States.


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