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Stewardship Project at Saint Gabriel Catholic School Benefits Animals

The Humane Society of the United States

Mrs. Hauger’s fifth-grade class at Saint Gabriel Catholic School in Connersville, Ind., is celebrating animals in a very special way. For their “Servants of the Lord” student stewardship project, the class chose animal welfare as its topic, and the beneficiaries are the local Fayette County Humane Society and Humane Society International.

According to Pam Rader, the school's business manager and parent of a fifth-grade student, the class raised funds by reading books, raffling a winter-themed gift basket, performing a puppet show, and selling handmade Christmas cards, ornaments and homemade dog biscuits during the school's Family Night of the Scholastic Book Fair in December. The class raised $220 for the Fayette County Humane Society and $121.43 for Humane Society International.

"Hearing about educators and students taking part in protecting animals always makes our work more worthwhile, and helps us remain confident and hopeful about the future," said Carly Ikuma, program assistant for Humane Society International. "We would like to thank the staff at St. Gabriel for encouraging and guiding them. 

A very big thank you to the St. Gabriel fifth grade class for their compassion and activism!"

Read what some of the fifth-graders had to say about their stewardship project experience:

We are helping dogs and cats live so they will have a nice home and will have people who will take care of them. I'm a good steward because we are helping the dogs and cats and also the humane society. That will be one more dog or cat they won't have to take care of. —Isabelle

I learned that helping people is fun and it makes them happy. It does a lot for the dogs we were helping. It helped by giving them money to help spay and neuter dogs and helped them buy food for them. —Elias

We are supporting animals in the Humane Society. We will be fundraising in many different ideas such as selling crafts, producing a puppet show, and making baskets. I feel that doing these deeds makes me a steward because I am very grateful for all the animals God made for us and I will try my hardest to do his will and take care of all the animals that need my care. —Casey

I thought the project was very fun. I also think it is great that we could help animals. I learned you don't need an adult's help to make a difference. —Tayte

It was a great experience. I got to help animals and had so much fun. I bet all the animals will be happy. I'm so happy. It's nice to help animals, people and others in need. We can change things, and we just did.

This spring, the class will continue their efforts for animals. They are raising money to purchase a bullet-proof vest for Carlos, the K-9 officer companion to Connersville Police Lt. Craig Hamilton.

Published February 28, 2008

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