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Helping Animals in Urban America

HSUS partners with churches to bring programs, services to underserved neighborhoods

  • People who brought their pets to the free rabies clinic at Atlanta's City of Refuge church received spay/neuter vouchers and help solving pet problems. The HSUS

  • Thanks to freekibble.com, dogs and cats who were brought to the City of Refuge clinic would have a healthy dinner that night. The HSUS

During the Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) annual conference in Washington, D.C., this month, HSUS representatives discussed their work with urban faith communitites as another critical avenue of outreach to folks in need.

Tio Hardiman, special consultant to The HSUS's End Dogfighting Campaign, Christine Gutleben, director of Faith Outreach, and Amanda Arrington, associate director of Building Humane Communities, The HSUS's new community outreach program, spoke at TAFA about programs that can help urban communities through local churches.

The HSUS is working with churches in underserved neighborhoods to promote responsible pet ownership, and is hosting events that offer pet care alongside other social services. These churches are playing vital roles in their neighborhoods; providing shelter, food, afterschool programs, and even medical assistance.

Now, The HSUS is helping to enhance those services by addressing the needs of the pets in the neighborhoods with humane education, dog training, assistance with veterinary services, and more.


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