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Take the Cage-Free Egg Pledge: A Compassionate Choice

The Humane Society of the United States

Individual/Family Pledge

(I/we) pledge not to use eggs from caged hens for the month of October 2008, and encourage others to join (me/us) in this effort. If (I/we) use eggs during this month, they will only be from cage-free hens. During this time, (I/we) also pledge to encourage restaurants and grocery stores that serve and/or use eggs to switch from serving battery eggs to cage-free eggs

Institutional Pledge

Our institution, [NAME], pledges not to serve eggs from caged hens during the month of October 2008. If we use eggs during this month, they will only be from cage-free hens.

Sign up by emailing your name and contact information, congregation and/or institution to religion@humanesociety.org

Please note:  We will not consider your email an official pledge on the part of your entire congregation or institution unless that is indicated. 



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