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"Minds in the Water": A Surfer Fights for Fellow Ocean Creatures

Film documents professional surfer's new calling: to protect dolphins, whales, and other marine life

Dave Rastovich used to see the ocean as his personal playground. Growing up on the Gold Coast of Australia, Rastovich became a champion professional surfer. Soon his passion for the waves expanded to include the marine life with whom he shared the waters.

Inspired by the whales and dolphins he encountered, Rastovich started learning more about the threats they faced. That's when he transformed from observer to activist.

A driving passion caught on film

The documentary film "Minds in the Water" follows Rastovich's journeys around the world to help stop the threats against marine life, such as long lining, whaling, and drive fisheries.

Get "Minds in the Water" on DVD

With a like-minded group of friends and activists, including surfer Kelly Slater, singer Jack Johnson, and actresses Hayden Panettiere and Isabel Lucas, Rastovich created the Visual Petition, where animal lovers can proclaim their dedication to protecting whales and dolphins.

“Minds in the Water” director Justin Krumb's cameras capture Rastovich sailing down the Australian coast alongside migrating humpbacks, attending an anti-whaling protest in Chile, and witnessing the dolphin slaughter in Japan. Dave's passion makes for a truly thrilling film and an inspirational story of how far someone is willing to go to make a difference.

A world-traveling show

“Minds in the Water” has been screened at theatres, universities, beach communities, and film festivals around the world, from the U.S. and Canada to Europe, Australia, and Central America. The film held its world premiere at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where The Humane Society of the United States served as the presenting sponsor. It was released on DVD and Video On Demand on November 13, 2012.

You can help protect ocean life

If you are as dedicated to protecting the ocean and its inhabitants as Dave Rastovich and his friends, join their mission by learning more and getting involved.

» Urge U.S. lawmakers to stop Iceland from killing whales in its waters
» Sign the Visual Petition 
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