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A Starring Role for The HSUS

Animal Planet sets new TV standard for animal issue programing

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Chris Schindler of The HSUS with one of the dogs found during a law enforcement raid at the property of Al White, a notorious breeder of fighting dogs. Appalachian Judicial Circuit DA

Ever wanted to witness our work up close—and be part of the action? If so, catch the launch of "Animal Planet Investigates" in January. A compelling new series of quarterly specials, “Animal Planet Investigates” brings animal protection issues and investigative journalism together in a show spotlighting the complex, behind-the-scenes work of advocating for animals. 

In the first show, "Animal Planet Investigates: Dogfighting Exposed" which premieres January 25, at 10 PM (ET/PT), HSUS anti-dogfighting operations provide the framework for an in-depth exploration of the dogfighting problem, including a look at the urban street culture that fosters the "sport," the law enforcement challenges, and the legislative push to increase penalties.

Featuring HSUS dogfighting experts John Goodwin, Chris Schindler and other team members, the prime-time special takes viewers on nail-biting busts, exploring what is being done to educate and rehabilitate offenders and touching on our work with the Michael Vick case.

Commenting on this new addition to the network's programming, Animal Planet President and General Manager Marjorie Kaplan said: "We want to provide a springboard to raise issues that audiences are passionate about within the animal world. The 'Animal Planet Investigates' strand of programming gives us the opportunity to bring forth hard-hitting topics and partner with great organizations like The HSUS to highlight their efforts."

While future specials will examine a variety of animal protection issues, the next "Animal Planet Investigates," scheduled to air this spring, will once again spotlight our work—this time the nefarious world of puppy mills.

Kudos to Animal Planet for recognizing that there is a wide and eager audience for these type of exposés, and we encourage you to show your support and prove them right by watching! Tell your friends and family to see it, too.

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