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New Feature Film Promotes Pet Adoption

The Back-up Plan helps spread the message "Don't buy from a puppy mill."

The Back-Up Plan

CBS Films

The Back-up Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin and opening in theaters on April 23, isn't about animals. But to their credit, CBS Films included an important message about pet adoption and puppy mills in the movie.

In the film, Lopez's character, Zoe, owns a pet store, Hudson Mutts, which, if it existed in real life, could be on our "Puppy Friendly Pet Store list" because they don't sell puppies; they promote adoption.

Zoe explains that she got into the pet store business because of her dog, Nuts. "I bought him at this fancy place near my house," she said. "Six months later, he got sick. Turns out, he was from one of those puppy mills and was so inbred that he was just kind of falling apart."

Zoe thinks about suing the place but reconsiders, saying "I decided, what was that really going to do? They were still going to sell inbred dogs." Instead, she opens a puppy-friendly store where people can adopt instead of buy from a store supplied by a puppy mill. Inside Hudson Mutts, viewers will see an "Adopt Today" poster, a "Cruelty Behind the Cuteness" anti-puppy mill bumper sticker, and Daphne, a character played by Noureen DeWulf, wears a very cute "Adopt Me" t-shirt.

We applaud The Back-up Plan for promoting a pet-friendly message and encourage you to see it when it opens at a theater near you. Visit their website for a sneak preview, and be sure to click on the "Hudson Mutts" tab. And when you're ready to add a new pet to your family, find your local shelter and pets available for adoption through The Shelter Pet Project and Petfinder.com.

Get Your Own "Adopt Me" Shirt as Seen in

 "The Back-up Plan"



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