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Reid Scott Gives Dogs a Fighting Chance

The "My Boys" actor joins the fight against dogfighting

The Humane Society of the United States

Like many people who have attended the annual Genesis Awards, produced by the Hollywood office of The HSUS, Reid Scott, star of the hip TBS comedy "My Boys", says he was so moved by the experience that he wanted to do whatever he could to help animals and promote the work of The HSUS.

True to his word, when asked if he would film some PSAs in support of the launch of the End Dogfighting in Los Angeles, Reid stepped up for the animals and us.

As the doting "Dad" of two sweet, adopted pit bulls, Bella and Dublin, Reid was only too eager to prove that this misunderstood breed gets a bad wrap and that dogfighting is a so-called "sport" where pit bulls and communities are destined to lose.

Savagely abused and often killed, some 250,000 pit bulls are victims of the rampant, yet illegal blood sport of urban dogfighting in the U.S.  The HSUS' End Dogfighting campaign, which is successfully underway in Chicago and about to expand to Atlanta, works at a grassroots level with at-risk youth to help them recognize that their pit bulls are friends, not fighters. There are an estimated 100,000 young people involved in dogfighting, and the blood sport desensitizes them to cruelty and exposes them to the criminal underworld. The much-needed End Dogfighting program uses innovative and proven community outreach methods to change attitudes and actions.

"It's great that organizations like The Humane Society of the United States are doing what they can, through campaigns like End Dogfighting, to re-educate people and change the image of the pit bull to the positive one that these wonderful dogs deserve," says Reid.

Click here to read about a star-studded event to raise funds to launch End Dogfighting in L.A.

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