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Humane Learning Webinars: Food Forward

Free webinars on plant-based foods and meatless Mondays.

  • Photo by Meredith Lee, HSUS

Upcoming webinars

No upcoming webinars at this time.

Archived webinars available to watch now

Food Forward: Institutional Food Service Series

Meat-free eating is getting a lot of attention these days, with 57 percent of Americans saying that they’re focusing more on plant-based foods. In this informational webinar series, learn about the rapid growth in this sector and the business reasons for adding more plant-based foods to your menus. You'll also find easy and delicious recipe ideas and tried and true educational, marketing and publicity ideas from a panel of industry leaders. This series is designed specifically for food service professionals to provide continuing education on the topic of plant-based meals and their integration into institutions.

Plants on the Plate – Marketing and More
Savvy food service professionals see the opportunity to attract guests to their operations and are employing innovative marketing strategies to build repeat customers and guest satisfaction. Join us for this informative presentation by some of the superstars of foodservice as they share their secrets to getting guests excited about plants on the plate.
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Powering Up With Plant Strong Menus and Marketing
Hear from a panel of foodservice professionals that have made plant-strong entrees a success with all ages. Discover recipe ideas, menu concepts, and culinary training programs that can be easily implemented in your programs!

Plants on the Plate – Meeting the Demand
Meatless eating is on the rise with about half of Americans eating a meat-free meal at least once a week. It’s happening across all demographics and prominently in universities and hospital food service operations. Join us for this informative presentation by a panel of cutting-edge food service professionals to hear how they brought more variety and value to their dining operations by putting more plants on the plate and meeting the growing demand.
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Powering Up with Plant-Strong Programs
Learn why school districts across the country are increasing their plant-strong menu offerings each week to complement the national nutrition standards while meeting student demand. Hear from a panel of school foodservice professionals that successfully implemented plant-strong entrees that appealed to all customers, while embracing the health, environmental, and financial benefits.
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Meeting the Growing Demand for Plant-Based Foods
In this informational webinar, learn why more diners are opting for plant-based options, the business reasons for increasing meat-free options at your operation, and how to respond to this booming segment.

Cooking Meals for Meatless Monday—Tips from Two Classical Chefs
The demand for plant-based food is on the rise, with guests from meat lovers to vegans seeking more healthy, meat-free options. Learn practical tips and tricks on how you can make small changes to your menus to meet this growing demand and leave with cooking ideas and recipes from two seasoned, professional chefs.

Successfully Promoting Healthy Alternatives Through Programs Such as Meatless Monday
More and more guests are seeking meat-free fare and institutions are heeding that call. Learn from a panel of pros tips and tricks for how to market your plant-based options.

Meatless Monday

Why Meatless Monday? The Impact and Benefits
Meatless Monday is sweeping the nation with millions of people and thousands of institutions taking a once-a-week holiday from meat. Find out why Meatless Monday is gaining in popularity; learn the positive impact on health, and the environmental benefits you can support by going meat-free on Mondays.

Cooking Meals for Meatless Monday—Tips from a Classical Chef (Download Related Resource)
Meat-free eating is growing in popularity. Learn practical tips and tricks on making small changes and walk away with cooking ideas, recipes, etc. from a professional chef.

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