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Humane Learning Webinars: Humane Education

Free webinars on humane education

  • Photo by Amie Chou, HSUS

Upcoming webinars

No upcoming webinars at this time.

Archived webinars available to watch now

The Magic of Stories: Encouraging Empathy through Narrative
Examine the way narrative is compatible with the way the human brain works, why stories are so effective at imparting moral virtue, and how it builds student perspective. This webinar will provide both practical and theoretical content about realistic-fiction and humane-themed literature, finding humane-themed books, and composing questions the build perspective and critical thinking.

The Frameworks of Humane Education: Meet Your Community's Needs (Download Related Resource)
Creating effective humane education programs requires an understanding of the needs of the community you are trying to reach. In this presentation, we will introduce the Humane Education Frameworks of Social Change and demonstrate how they influence program development. Participants will gain understanding in instructional design concepts and prepare to apply them in their own work.

Change of Heart: The Psychology of Social Change
Major corporations, politicians, and other groups rely on persuasion science to help them effectively reach consumers. Learn easy-to-use tools from the latest research on persuasion to help inspire others to make animal-friendly changes in their own lives.

School Realities: Obstacles and Opportunities for Humane Education (Download Related Resource)
Today's educational climate might make humane educators think twice before heading into the classroom or worry how they can include humane education in their classroom work. Explore why school-based humane education is worth the effort, how humane educators can use education standards to their benefit, and why character and other forms of prosocial education are the best fit for humane education in school curricula. The webinar will also discuss the benefits of partnering with schools to capitalize on service-learning programs.

First Strike©—Ending Violence

Learn more about childhood cruelty to animals, the link between animal cruelty and violence toward people and creating community coalitions and partnerships. The series contains webinars for parents, educators, social workers and those who prosecute and intervene on behalf of families at risk. This webinar series is brought to you by The InMaat Foundation.

Intervening with Children who Witnessed or Engaged in Animal Abuse
In the third webinar in our Animal Abuse and Children Series, we will describe and discuss the range of intervention resources available for children who have witnessed, engaged in, or are at risk of engaging in animal abuse. These include psychological intervention using the AniCare Child approach and psycho-education programs such as the Children and Animals Together (CAT) Assessment and Treatment Program. We will also discuss prevention programs for children who are at risk of engaging in animal abuse. This webinar series is presented in partnership with Animals & Society Institute and sponsored by the InMaat Foundation.

Assessing Children's Relationships with Animals (Download Related Resource)

This second webinar in our Animal Abuse and Children series will focus on assessing children’s relationships (both positive and negative) with animals. We will discuss what professionals should look for and the types of questions that might be asked about animal-related experiences. Using case examples, we will discuss the importance of individualized assessment and review factors to consider in assessment. This webinar series is presented in partnership with Animals & Society Institute and sponsored by the InMaat Foundation.

Animal Abuse and Children: An Important Risk Factor
This session discusses the role companion animals play in children’s lives and the growing body of research on the relationship between animal abuse and other types of antisocial behavior. Using case studies, we explain why all professionals dealing with children should be aware of animal abuse as a risk factor for children. This webinar was presented in partnership with Animals & Society Institute and sponsored by the InMaat Foundation.

The Dark Side of the Human-Animal Bond: Animal Abuse as an Indicator and Predictor of Abuse of Vulnerable Populations
Companion animals brighten our lives and our nurturing and responsibilities to them fulfill us. But there’s a “dark side” to the human-animal bond: abuse, cruelty and neglect. Authorities from many fields now recognize that animal abuse harms not only the animals, but also the human members of the family and community. Research into what is called The LINK between animal abuse and interpersonal violence, and public policy and programs addressing The LINK, are working collaboratively to prevent and respond to animal abuse, domestic violence, child maltreatment and elder abuse. This presentation will review recent findings, innovative interventions, and what you can do to stop the cycle of violence.

Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™: An Innovative Solution for Families and Pets in Crisis

First Strike for Prosecutors: Effective Prosecution of Animal Cruelty (Download Related Resource)
Animal cruelty cases can present unique problems for prosecutors and law enforcement officers. This seminar will cover - important tools in investigating, charging and prosecuting animal cruelty and animal fighting cases, as well as a discussion of the link between animal cruelty and future violent behavior - including a focus on family violence and juvenile crime.

An Introduction to the Connection between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence (Download Related Resource)
Research shows a strong link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. Learn more about this connection and how it is applicable to work in humane education.

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