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June 1, 2015

Humane Society Academy: Webinar Series

  • Watch our recorded webinars online anytime and anywhere, or participate in our live webinars at scheduled times. iStockphoto

Participate in our free, innovative webinars, led by experts in the fields of animal policy and advocacy, animal welfare, humane education, leadership, shelter and volunteer management and wildlife issues. All webinars are recorded and available after the live event. Mac users may need to install the VLC player to view recorded webinars.

Interested in presenting a webinar? We invite proposal submissions for consideration in our webinar series. Contact us at hsa@humanesociety.org. We'll respond within 45 days of your submission. (We do not accept webinar proposals intended solely to promote commercial products.)

Webinars by Topic:

Community Cats

Learn how to best help the outdoor cats living in your community with a joint "Supporting Community Cats" webinar series with PetSmart Charities and The HSUS. The webinars are free. 

Adopters Welcome: Improving Adoptions for Animal Shelters [Can be applied as CE credit for CAWA]

Gain practical tips that you can put in place now to achieve greater adoption success! Sign up for this free webinar series to find, engage and support more adopters in your community. Each of five webinars builds on the resources provided in Adopters Welcome, a new manual developed by The HSUS for shelters and rescue groups. Participants will learn the philosophy, research and practical implementation tips behind this exciting new approach to increasing adoptions. Each of the first 4 webinars will provide one CE credit towards CAWA. 

Introducing "Adopters Welcome" Approach: Finding, Engaging and Supporting Adopters

Recorded webinar available now
Description: Learn how approaching adoptions from a fresh perspective can help you increase happy matches. Walk away with an optimistic and research based perspective on potential homes and learn the importance of the adopter's perspective.

Adopters Welcome Policies: Remove Barriers and Increase Options for Pets in Your Program

Date and time: Wednesday, July 1, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Description: Do your adoption policies help you attract potential adopters? Discover how your policies can support more good homes or work against your goal of increased adoptions.

Adopters Welcome Counseling: Preparing Your Team to Engage and Support Adopters

Date and time: Wednesday, August 5, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Description: Conversation-based adoption counseling combines customer service and matchmaking. Hear from experts in the field to learn how to set the groundwork for conversation-based adoption counseling and to find the right fit between adopters and animals.

Adopters Welcome Counseling: Practicing the Conversation

Date and time: Wednesday, September 2, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Description: A basic conversation can be transformed into one that builds a relationship between your agency and adopters. This session will provide tips and tricks you can use when implementing a conversation-based adoption program that you can use immediately.

Adopters Welcome Marketing: Find and Attract More Adopters

Date and time: Wednesday, October 7, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Description: Uncover barriers to adoption that can be overcome with strategic marketing.


Stop Puppy Mills: Banning the Sales of Puppy Mill Dogs at Local Pet Stores

Recorded webinar available now
Description: Did you know that the majority of puppies and dogs sold at pet stores come from the puppy mill supply chain? Learn how to work on passing local legislation that will end the sale of puppy mill dogs in your community.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Shelters and Rescue Groups

Recorded webinar available now
Presenter: Wanda Merling, Senior Manager, Disaster Response, The HSUS
Description: For the animal care professional, it is essential to consider all types of disasters when developing a plan for your animal population. We will go talk through strategies while taking into consideration not only those animals in your shelter but also those in foster care. Whether your facility is located in hurricane prone areas, tornado alley or in location with a low propensity for disaster, having a plan is essential. You never know when there may be a breech in a water supply or a power outage that can impair you daily operations. Having a plan and practicing your plan will make these events less frighting for you and your staff or volunteers.

Disaster Preparedness for People and Pets in the Home

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]
Presenter: Wanda Merling, Senior Manager, Disaster Response, The HSUS
Description: In the wake of tornado outbreaks, flash flooding, mudslides, water breaches and hurricane season, have you thought that you should be more prepared to evacuate your home quickly? But then you think again: Where do I start? It is too expensive? What do I really need? In this webinar, we will take you through the steps of getting started on a personal and family disaster preparedness plan and developing kits for you, your family members and pets. We will also touch on strategies for developing a preparedness plan should your family not be together when disaster strikes and if communication channels are limited.

Equine Protection

Homes for Horses presents: Successful Outreach and Ideas for Community Engagement

Date and time: Wednesday, July 22, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Presenters: Karen Pomroy, Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary,Susan Peirce, Red Bucket Equine Rescue Vickie Spears, Doris Day Equine Center Karen Gustin, Kentucky Equine Humane Center
Description: What constitutes successful outreach for a horse protection organization and why is successful outreach important? It's not enough these days to engage just the horse people in your community. You should be striving to reach a variety of population segments including those who know little or nothing about horses. Engaging the wider community opens the doors to hidden treasures in the form of donors, volunteers and other supporters.

End Horse Soring—How to Take Action for Horses

Recorded webinar available now
Presenter: Keith Dane, Vice President, Equine Protection, The HSUS
Description: The HSUS is working to protect horses from a cruel and illegal practice called “soring,” which involves the intentional infliction of pain to a horse's legs or hooves in order to force the horse to perform an artificial, exaggerated gait called the “Big Lick.” Learn the basics of this issue, how The HSUS is advocating for change and what you can do today to help bring this abuse to an end.

Hay Banks and Cooperative Buying Programs: Keeping Horses Fed in Challenging Times

Recorded webinar now available
Download the resource [PDF]
Presenter: Jill Fritz, Michigan Senior State Director, The HSUS; Juliana Lehman, Director, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank; and Jodi Messenich, Founder/Executive Director of Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Description: Sometimes, bad things happen to good horse owners. A community hay bank program can keep at-risk horses out of crowded rescues as well as out of auction stalls. Whether a stand-alone entity or part of a larger safety net program, a hay bank program saves lives and keeps good horse/human relationships intact. Learn how to set up, promote, screen applicants and help recipients create a sustainable plan for the future from experts at the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank and the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition.

First Strike©—Ending Violence

Join us for the First Strike© webinar series and learn more about childhood cruelty to animals, the link between animal cruelty and violence toward people and creating community coalitions and partnerships. The series contains webinars for parents, educators, social workers and those who prosecute and intervene on behalf of families at risk. This webinar series is brought to you by The InMaat Foundation.

The Dark Side of the Human-Animal Bond: Animal Abuse as an Indicator and Predictor of Abuse of Vulnerable Populations

Date and time: Wednesday, September 30, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Presenter: Phil Arkow, Coordinator National Link Coalition
Description: Companion animals brighten our lives and our nurturing and responsibilities to them fulfill us. But there is a dark side to the human-animal bond: abuse, cruelty and neglect. Authorities from many fields now recognize that animal abuse harms not only the animals, but also the human members of the family and community. Research into what is called The LINK between animal abuse and interpersonal violence, and public policy and programs addressing The LINK, are working collaboratively to prevent and respond to animal abuse, domestic violence, child maltreatment and elder abuse. This presentation will review recent findings, innovative interventions and what you can do to stop the cycle of violence.

Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™: An Innovative Solution for Families and Pets in Crisis

Recorded webinar available now
Allie Phillips
SAF-T is a national initiative guiding domestic violence shelters on how to house pets on-site with families. SAF-T recognizes the linkages between violence to people and animals and celebrates the human-animal bond by encouraging pets to remain with their family which can reduce trauma and provide therapeutic love and comfort. Learn more about this program and more from a leading expert on the laws protecting all victims of domestic violence.

First Strike for Prosecutors: Effective Prosecution of Animal Cruelty

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]
Sherry Ramsey, Director of Animal Cruelty Prosecutions, The HSUS
Description: Animal cruelty cases can present unique problems for prosecutors and law enforcement officers. This seminar will cover important tools in investigating, charging and prosecuting animal cruelty and animal fighting cases, as well as a discussion of the link between animal cruelty and future violent behavior—including a focus on family violence and juvenile crime.

An Introduction to the Connection between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]

Presenter: Dezarae Jones-Hartwig, MFA, CHES
Description: Research shows a strong link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. Learn more about the connection and how it is applicable to work in humane education. Presented in partnership with the Association of Professional Humane Educators.

Pets and Domestic Violence: Preserving the Human-Animal Bond

Recorded webinar available now
Presenter: Esperanza Zuniga
Description: Up to 65 percent of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations out of concern for their pets. In this webinar, we will explore solutions to help families with pets safely escape abusive environments, and we will learn how pets can be included in safety planning. Presented in partnership with the Association of Professional Humane Educators.

Food Forward: Institutional Food Service Series

Meat-free eating is getting a lot of attention these days, with 57 percent of Americans saying that they’re focusing more on plant-based foods. In this informational three-part webinar series, learn about the rapid growth in this sector and the business reasons for adding more plant-based foods to your menus. You'll also find easy and delicious recipe ideas and tried and true educational, marketing and publicity ideas from a panel of industry leaders. This series is designed specifically for food service professionals to provide continuing education on the topic of plant-based meals and their integration into institutions.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Plant-Based Foods

Recorded webinar now available
Presenters: Ken Botts, food service consultant, speaker and plant-based lifestyle blogger at ecoveggy.com; and Randall Smith, System Wide Executive Chef for Adventist Health Care
Description: Learn why more diners are opting for plant-based options, the business reasons for increasing meat-free options at your operation and how to respond to this booming segment.

Cooking Meals for Meatless Monday—Tips from Two Classical Chefs

Recorded webinar now available
Presenters: Alexandra Bury, classically trained chef; and Wanda White, classically trained certified executive pastry chef
Description: The demand for plant-based food is on the rise, with guests from meat lovers to vegans seeking more healthy, meat-free options. Learn practical tips and tricks on how you can make small changes to your menus to meet this growing demand and leave with cooking ideas and recipes from two seasoned professional chefs.

Successfully Promoting Healthy Alternatives Through Programs Such as Meatless Monday

Recorded webinar now available
Presenters: Ray Danilowicz, Executive General Manager of Nutrition Services for Houston Independent School District; and Benjamin Thomas, Sustainability Manager for Dining Services at University of California–Davis
Description: More and more guests are seeking meat-free fare and institutions are heeding that call. Learn from a panel of pros tips and tricks for how to market your plant-based options.

HSVMA Veterinary Series

The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) is a home for veterinary professionals who care about and want to be more involved in animal protection. HSVMA offers a professional webinar series with most being RACE-accredited for veterinary CEUs. Webinars in this series are free for HSVMA members and cost $49 each for non-members.

Humane Backyard

How to Attract Butterflies and Other Pollinators: Plant a Garden for Their Babies!

Recorded webinar now available
Presenter: Nancy Lawson
Description: Learn why butterflies and moths are not only beautiful but critical to birds and other backyard animals—and how you can help support them throughout their life cycles. Get tips on creating bee-friendly spaces that provide food for adults and areas for raising their young.

Top 5 Ways to Create a Humane Backyard

Recorded webinar now available
Presenter: Nancy Lawson
Description: Whether you have a large yard or a small balcony, you can create a haven for wildlife. Learn how to provide all the essentials—natural food sources, water and shelter—for the creatures who share our world.

The Mindful Gardener

Recorded webinar now available
Nancy Lawson
In our quest to make our backyards as pristine as the living room carpet, we’ve inflicted incalculable losses on caterpillars, butterflies and other animals who are foundational to the backyard ecosystem. Learn how to stop the madness and start caring for your property in a way that is both beautiful and sustainable.

Humane Education

The Magic of Stories: Encouraging Empathy through Narrative

Recorded webinar available now
Dr. Stephanie Itle-Clark, Director of Learning, Humane Society Academy, The HSUS
This webinar will provide both practical and theoretical content about realistic-fiction and humane-themed literature, finding humane-themed books, and composing questions the build perspective and critical thinking.

The Frameworks of Humane Education: Meet Your Community's Needs

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]

Presenters: Dr. Stephanie Itle-Clark, Director of Learning, Humane Society Academy, The HSUS
Description: In this presentation, we will introduce the Humane Education Frameworks of Social Change and demonstrate how they influence program development. Participants will gain understanding in instructional design concepts and prepare to apply them in their own work.

Change of Heart: The Psychology of Social Change

Recorded webinar available now
Presenters: Nick Cooney, Education Director, Mercy for Animals and Dr. Milena Esherick, Director of Counseling Psychology, The Wright Institute
Description: Major corporations, politicians, and other groups rely on persuasion science to help them effectively reach consumers. Learn easy-to-use tools from the latest research on persuasion to help inspire others to make animal-friendly changes in their own lives.

School Realities: Obstacles and Opportunities for Humane Education

Recorded Webinar Available Now
Download the resource [PDF]
Presenters: Dr. Stephanie Itle-Clark, Director of Learning, Humane Society Academy, The Humane Society of the United States
Description: Explore why school-based humane education is worth the effort, how humane educators can use education standards to their benefit, and why character and other forms of prosocial education are the best fit for humane education in school curricula.

Meatless Monday

Why Meatless Monday? The Impact and Benefits

Recorded webinar available now 
Presenters: Kristie Middleton, Food Policy Manager, The HSUS; and Joseph Gonzales, R.D.
Description: Meatless Monday is sweeping the nation, with millions of people and thousands of institutions taking a once-a-week holiday from meat. Find out why Meatless Monday is gaining in popularity, learn the positive impact on health, and discover the environmental benefits you can support by going meat-free on Mondays.

Cooking Meals for Meatless Monday—Tips from a Classical Chef

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]
Presenter: Alex Bury, Classically Trained Chef and Senior Director, Council & Grassroots Outreach, The HSUS
Description: Meat-free eating is growing in popularity. Learn practical tips and tricks for making small changes and walk away with cooking ideas and recipes from a professional chef.

Pets for Life

Pets for Life: The Impact of Poverty on Pets

Recorded webinar available now
Download the Toolkit
Presenters: Laurie Maxwell, Director of Outreach, PAWS Chicago; and Lori Hensley, Director of Operations, Coalition to Unchain Dogs
Description: With one in six Americans living in poverty and 60 percent of Americans having at least one pet, poverty has a large impact on dogs and cats every day. Develop a better understanding of what this means for companion animals in your community and learn how to best provide information and resources to this audience of pet owners.

Pets for Life: Building Capacity and Infrastructure for Program Success

Recorded webinar available now
Download the Toolkit

Amanda Arrington, Director, Pets for Life, The HSUS; Kenny Lamberti, Program Manager, Pets for Life, The HSUS; and Victoria Strang, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Outreach and Engagement, The HSUS
Description: Partner identification and engagement is critical when creating and implementing a community outreach program. Learn how to connect with other organizations, veterinarians, volunteers, donors and more to make your work effective and sustainable.

Pets for Life: A New Community Understanding

Recorded webinar available now

Pets for Life: Strategic Community Outreach

Recorded webinar available now
Download the Toolkit
Presenters: Amanda Arrington, Director, Pets for Life, The HSUS; Kenny Lamberti, Program Manager, Pets for Life, The HSUS
Description: Discover how community outreach can be part of your organization and how reaching out to underserved areas and building positive relationships with pet owners can improve your work and the quality of life for pets in your community. We’ll share ideas and techniques on how to be focused, purposeful and effective as you incorporate community outreach into your work.

Sheltering and Rescue

All About Bunnies! Improving the Lives of Rabbits at Your Shelter

Recorded webinar available now
Presenter: Monica Wylie, Programs Director, Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County
Description:Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular house pets and are therefore coming in to shelters in noticeable numbers. Learn how to engage and empower your volunteers while enriching the lives of the rabbits (and other small mammals) in your care with minimal impact to your budget.

Making an Impact: Strategies for Building Successful Shelter Partnerships

Recorded webinar available now
Jennifer Scarlett, DVM, Co-President San Francisco SPCA; Kate Kuzminski, DVM, Director of Shelter Medicine, San Francisco SPCA
Gain insight and access to a blueprint for building a successful partnership with a needful shelter in your community to make sustainable change. In this webinar, you will learn about the huge successes achieved through the San Francisco SPCA Sister Shelter Program.

Orphaned Kitten Care

Recorded webinar available now 
Presenter: Renee Harris, Founder, Top 2 Cats Consulting
Description: Learn the daily steps associated with overseeing a program focused on orphaned kittens that are necessary to ensuring that each kitten's physiological and behavioral needs are met. Take away innovative development and implementation plans for a kitten-nursery program, including lifesaving tips on how to successfully hand-rear orphans. All early life stages, including neonatal (0-14 days), transitional (2-4 weeks), and socialization (4-8 weeks) groups, will be reviewed. The webinar will wrap up with a review of the challenges that may be associated with this type of program.

Wildlife Protection

Finding Peace with Canada Geese

Recorded Webinar Available Now
Download the Resource [PDF]
Presenter: Lynsey White Dasher, Director Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, The HSUS
Description: Large flocks of Canada geese have become common in parks, golf courses, and other open spaces across North America. Learn how to implement an effective and humane program for solving conflicts with Canada geese, including modifying habitats to make them less desirable to geese, treating (addling) eggs so that they don’t hatch, and humanely harassing geese away from areas where they cause problems. Goose biology and other fun facts about geese will also be discussed.

Urban Wildlife

Date and time: Wednesday, July 15, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Presenter: John Griffin, Director Urban Wildlife Solution, The HSUS
Description: Learn the best ways to work with wildlife in urban living environments.

Making Your Garden Deer and Woodchuck Resistant

Recorded webinar available now
Laura Simon, Wildlife Biologist, The HSUS
Spring is often the time where we begin work on our gardens and are in need of creative, effective and humane ways of keeping deer and woodchucks from eating all of our hard work. In this presentation, we will discuss all the tools that nature provides and other humane methods to create a deer and woodchuck resistant garden. Learn about comprehensive strategies and practical examples that you can place in your gardening toolkit.

Lead-Free Wildlife: The Dangers of Using Lead Ammunition When Hunting

Recorded webinar available now
Presenters: Sara Walker, Director, Michelle McDonald Shaw and Lena Spadacene, Lead-Free Wildlife Protection, The HSUS
Description: This webinar will discuss the dangers of using lead ammunition when hunting: policy implications and how you can help change the course for these majestic birds and other wild animals.

Coyotes in Your Neighborhood: Strategies for Addressing Common Concerns

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]

Presenter: Lynsey White Dasher, Director Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution, The HSUS
Description: Achieving peace with your neighborhood coyotes is easy when you learn how to think like a coyote. This seminar will cover basic coyote ecology, the latest research on coyotes in urban ecosystems, and tips for humanely solving conflicts with coyotes by removing food attractants that lure coyotes into neighborhoods, taking precautions with pets, and hazing bold coyotes. Coyote hazing is a humane and innovative technique for training your neighborhood coyotes to avoid people and pets. If you're concerned about coyote sightings in your neighborhood, want to learn how to best protect your pets, or just want to learn more about coyotes, this seminar is for you!

So You Want to be a Rehabber? Steps to get Started in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Recorded webinar available now
Download the resource [PDF]

Presenter: Lynn Miller, Director Wildlife Rehabilitation, Cape Wildlife Center; Dr. Stefan Harsch, DVM
This presentation is designed to offer advice to a wide audience in North America, helping answer and guide participants towards the appropriate resources, ensuring legal compliance. It will help to define a truly professional approach to an essentially new field of compassionate care for the wildlife that have been impacted by humans and the world we all share.

Buyer Beware: The Risks and Welfare Concerns Associated with the Fur Trade

Recorded webinar now available
Presenter: PJ Smith, Corporate Outreach Manager, Wildlife Public Policy, The HSUS; Pierre Grzybowski, Research and Enforcement Manager, Fur-Free, The HSUS
Description: Beyond general awareness about how animals are raised and killed for fur fashion, this webinar will cover relevant fur labeling and advertising laws, welfare and environmental concerns related to trapping and fur farms and global and domestic industry trends including faux-fur. Walk away armed with knowledge about laws and techniques allowing you to tell the difference between real and faux fur. This webinar is sponsored by Imposter.

Mac users may need to install the VLC player to view recorded webinars.

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