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Prairie dogs are an essential part of our prairies—among the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The Prairie Dog Coalition is committed to the protection of prairie dogs and their habitats.

About the Prairie Dog Coalition

  • Prairie dogs are vital to prairies and the many other animals who share their habitat. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

The Prairie Dog Coalition is an alliance of non-profit organizations, concerned citizens, and scientists dedicated to the protection of imperiled prairie dogs and restoration of their ecosystems.

To accomplish this mission, we provide information and advocacy training, facilitate communication and planning, and promote conservation projects.

Prairie Dog Coalition Key Staff

Lindsey Sterling Krank, Director

Lindsey is an environmental scientist with a degree from the University of Montana-Western. She has been leading the Coalition for nearly 10 years. She was PDC’s first full-time employee and led the group through independence and into a successful merger with The Humane Society of the United States. Because of the merger, the plight of the prairie dog has reached hundreds of thousands of otherwise untouched people. Lindsey’s talent is seen in bringing diverse people together at the same table and implementing successful field operations for the prairie dog ecosystem.

Ghia Speakman, Program Manager

Ghia is a wildlife biologist with a degree in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from Ohio University. Ghia comes to the PDC after working several years in local government, managing natural lands for both noxious and native plant species, and performing non-lethal prairie dog management within the City of Boulder. Ghia started working part-time for The Humane Society of the United States in 2011, and has become an expert in passive relocation for prairie dogs. Her background as a veterinary technician for seven years brings a variety of skills and knowledge to our program.

Kristen Nelson, Office Coordinator

Kristen graduated with a bachelor’s in music therapy from Utah State University; however, her love for both social justice and animals led her to pursue a different career path. She obtained a master’s in social work from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work with a concentration in conservation and animal-assisted social work. During her time in graduate school, she traveled to Kenya and China, and in both countries, she looked at the human-animal-environment connection on an individual, community and global level. Her life’s ambitions include animal rescue, addressing the social injustices that impact humans and other animals, and helping to combat environmental degradation. Kristen lives in Denver with her husband, two cats and two rats.

Dave Pauli

Dave Pauli is the Senior Director, Wildlife Innovations and Response for The HSUS. As team leader for the Wildlife Innovations & Response Team (WIRT), Pauli works with government, private agencies and individuals to help wildlife in crisis. Dave assists the PDC with field projects. He also leads the Humane Design team and oversees habitat projects for Duchess Sanctuary. Learn more »

Stephanie Boyles Griffin

As Senior Director, Wildlife Response, Innovations and Services for The HSUS, Stephanie Boyles Griffin leads a team responsible for identifying, developing and implementing technical and direct assistance and response programs that promote humane, innovative, and sustainable wildlife management policies, practices and procedures. Stephanie supervises the Prairie Dog Coalition. In addition to her role at The HSUS, she serves as a Commissioner on the Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission. Boyles Griffin has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of wildlife advocacy. Learn more »

Other Individual Members

Brian Miller, Ph.D.; Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D.; Jane Goodall, Ph.D.; John Hoogland, Ph.D.; Paul Johnsgard, Ph.D.; Rich Reading, Ph.D.; Rosalie Little Thunder

"Nine different wildlife species depend on the prairie dog and their habitat for their survival. The prairie dog is a critical component to healthy North American grasslands." - Prairie Dog Coalition member Dr. Jane Goodall

Organizational and Corporate Supporters

  • All My Relations
    Animal Defense League of Arizona
    Animal Protection Institute
    Animal Protection of New Mexico
    Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
    Boulder Environmental Activists Reserve
    The Center for Biological Diversity
    The Center for Native Ecosystems
    Douglas County Citizens for Wildlife
    The Fund for Animals
    Great Plains Restoration Council
    Habitat Harmony
    The Humane Society of the United States
    In Defense of Animals
    Jews of the Earth
    Kinship Circle
    Midwest Prairie Dog Shelter, Dianne James
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
    People for Native Ecosystems
  • Prairie Dog Action
    Prairie Dog Pals
    Prairie Ecosystem Associates
    Prairie Hills Audubon Society of Western South Dakota
    Prairie Dog Rescue of New England
    Prairie Preserves
    Predator Conservation Alliance
    Rocky Mountain Animal Defense
    Southern Plains Land Trust
    Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
    T & E, Inc.
    Texas PEER
    Western Nebraska Resources Council
    Wild Birds Unlimited
    Wild Earth Guardians
    Wild Places Inc.
    Wild Utah Project
    Wildlands Conservation Alliance


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