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Prairie dogs are an essential part of our prairies—among the most endangered ecosystems in the world. The Prairie Dog Coalition is committed to the protection of prairie dogs and their habitats.

Prairie Dog Relocation Groups

  • This prairie dog is part of a colony relocated from shooting and poisoning zones into protected areas on Thunder Basin National Grassland in Wyoming. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

Prairie dogs are increasingly in danger from development in our urban areas and ranching concerns in rural areas, where they are often inhumanely poisoned or shot to reduce their numbers. Relocating prairie dogs offers a non-lethal way for landowners and developers to manage prairie dog populations.

The following prairie dog relocators, listed by state, are known to the Prairie Dog Coalition and practice humane, live, wild-to-wild relocations.


Habitat Harmony is a local non-profit that works with Arizona Department of Game and Fish on Gunnison’s prairie dog relocations in the Flagstaff and surrounding areas. Contact: habitatharmony.org/contact


Prairie Dog Coalition is a non-profit organization committed to restoring prairie dog ecosystems and protecting prairie dogs. Contact: humanesociety.org/forms/contact_us/contact-pdc.html

Deanna McLain is a prairie dog relocation specialist in Granby, Colorado. Contact: hummingbirdsflyfree@gmail.com, or 970-409-0077, or PO Box 1167, Granby, CO 80446.


Kansas Audubon Society will offer suggestions for prairie dog relocations. Contact: aok@audobonofkansas.org or 785-537-4385

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks may also have information. Contact: 620-672-5911


The HSUS Wildlife Innovations Response Team may be able to assist with relocations. Contact: Dave Pauli at dpauli@humanesociety.org or 406-255-7161


No known relocators at this time. Contact Western Nebraska Resources Council for more information. Contact: Buffalo Bruce at buffalobruce@panhandle.net

New Mexico

PDAWG Task Force and the Prairie Dog Alliance of Santa Fe are both advocacy groups that may be able to link landowners to relocators. Contact: Denise Saccone at deniseone@netzero.net or 505-989-1233

Animal Protection of New Mexico has been working to promote the humane treatment of animals since 1979. Contact: apnm.org/contact/wildlife/contactus.php

Eco Solutions, run by Trent Botkin, is located in Santa Fe and works all over N.M. Contact: trent.ecosolutions@gmail.com or 575-644-2210

Prairie Dog Pals provides information and education about prairie dogs to the public and performs relocations in and around the Albuquerque area, as well as greater New Mexico. Contact: Yvonne Boudreaux at prairiedogpals@comcast.net or 505-296-1937

North Dakota / South Dakota

Prairie Wildlife Research may relocate prairie dogs. If not, they will have the best suggestion on how to proceed in this area. The mission of PWR is to conserve and research wildlife species of the prairie and their associated habitats. Contact: Travis Livieri at tlivieri@prairiewildlife.org or 605-279-2380


Citizens for Prairie Dogs uses the combination of relocation, education and involvement in local and national political decisions to make a difference for prairie dogs. Contact: Joann Haddock at joannhaddock@aol.com


No known relocators at this time. Contact the Utah Dept. of Fish and Game for their resources and advice. Contact: wildlife.utah.gov/dwr/about-us/contact-us.html


The HSUS Wildlife Innovations Response Team may be able to assist with relocations. Contact: Dave Pauli at dpauli@humanesociety.org or 406-255-7161

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