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If you’re looking for meaningful ways to save animals from suffering, you’re in the right place. Help animals where they need it most by following our action plans below.

You can do any of these projects as a club or on your own. Before going it alone, think about starting an animal protection club at your school, church, community center, or with friends. We know that you can do a lot for animals by yourself. Think about how much more a team can accomplish! For more ways to help animals in your community, check out our list of service-learning ideas

Get Involved in Our Campaigns

  • A Cause for Paws

    Help bring an end to the mass dog breeding facilities known as puppy mills.

    Stop Puppy Mills
  • Combat Cruelty

    Educate others about animal abuse, neglect, and fighting, and the need for stronger anti-cruelty laws.

    End Animal Cruelty
  • Fight Fur

    Spread the word about the needless cruelty involved in fur production. 

    Collect Coats for Cubs
  • Friends for Hens

    Fight factory farming, specifically the confinement of egg-laying hens. 

    Put the chicken before the egg
  • Shoot to Save Wildlife

    Teach your community to coexist peacefully with wildlife. 

    Help Your Wild Neighbors
  • Help Homeless Pets

    Collect supplies and money for animal shelters and advertise their adoptable animals. 

    Lend a helping paw
  • Care for Ferals

    Learn about feral cats and what you can do for them. 

    Give them shelter
  • Do Away with Dissection

    Work toward getting a dissection choice policy enacted for your school, your district, or even your state. 

    Create a humane science classroom