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Combat Cruelty: Write On

Do your state's laws do little or nothing to punish animal abusers? Do something about it!

Do you live in one of the states whose laws provide only minimal punishments to those who commit crimes against animals? Find out by locating your state on the chart of state animal cruelty laws.

1. If your state’s cruelty law rank low, write to your state’s elected officials. Explain who you are, what you learned, and how your state can do better. Ask for better funding for enforcement of animal fighting laws. Check out our Student Guide to Lobbying for tips on contacting your lawmakers.

2. Tell the rest of your community what they can do about animal cruelty by writing to the editor of your local newspaper. Ask readers to also lobby state lawmakers for stronger anti-cruelty laws and better enforcement of existing laws. Explain the connection between animal cruelty and human violence, and outline the steps people should take to report animal abuse. Learn more about writing letters to the editor here.

3. You can also use the airwaves to raise awareness by sharing public service announcements (PSAs) with your local radio stations. Download our PSAs of HSUS President & CEO Wayne Pacelle’s message on what every American can do to help stop animal fighting. Ask the PSA or advertising director at your local radio station to air one of the six PSAs. You can most likely find the right person's contact information on the station's website.

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