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Student Action: Fight Fur

Pledge to be fur-free and collect coats for cubs

  • Fur belongs to the wildlife who should be wearing it, like this squirrel.

Millions of animals including raccoon dogs, rabbitsfoxes, mink, chinchillas—even dogs and cats—spend their lives cramped in wire cages only to die a cruel death for fur production. Others are captured in cruel steel-jaw leghold traps and snares.

Many animals are killed specifically for fur trim, like the fur on jacket hoods. Countless dogs and cats also get injured or killed in the United States in traps set for wild animals.

And with fur garments in the United States commonly unlabeled, mislabeled, or falsely advertised, you can never really know which animals were killed for a coat.

You can help! 

1. Sign the fur-free pledge and promise to never buy or wear animal fur.

2. Have a public education event and create a display. Decorate some collection boxes with facts about why fur is cruel. Have handouts and brochures available for people to read and take with them. If possible, have a laptop or DVD player so you can play Cool Vs. Cruel or other fur-free videos. You can also email furfree@humanesociety.org to request fur-free pins to hand out to people.  

3. Get the word out about your event at least a month in advance through posters, an announcement over the PA system at school, a Facebook event, and letters to your school and local newspapers. Include the date and location in all your materials, as well as a way people can get in touch with you if they have furs to donate but are unable to make the event.

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