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Help Homeless Pets: Hold a Fundraiser

Raise money for your local animal shelter

  • Make and sell dog and cat treats to raise money for your local shelter. istockphoto

Most animal shelters and rescue organizations run on donations and could always use money. Help them out by holding a fundraiser to benefit them! We’ve listed a few suggestions below. Pick one of our animal fundraising ideas, devise a plan of your own, or read about more ways you can raise money.

• Organize a “run for the animals” or walk-a-thon. Hold it at your school or community track or athletic fields and have participants find sponsors to donate a certain amount of money per mile covered. If the organization you’re working with already holds a fundraising walk or run, form a team to collect money and walk together.

• Hold a “Coins for Critters” or “Pennies for Pets” coin collection.
Decorate collection canisters with dogs and cats and info about the shelter for which you’re raising money. Go to classrooms and present info about the organization. Ask students to donate spare change. Also, ask if you can place your collection canisters at local businesses.

• Bake cat treats and dog biscuits to sell. See if a local business will donate the baking supplies you need. Ask for permission to sell them at pet supply stores and other shops or set up a booth in the animal shelter’s lobby. Package the treats with a fact sheet on pet care tips, spaying and neutering, or another issue important to the shelter.

When your fundraiser for animals is over, arrange to present the money you’ve raised to the shelter. Call in advance to schedule a good time. The organization may want to make an event out of it and arrange publicity. You can help by calling your local newspaper and TV stations and ask if they would like to cover the event.


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