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Veg-Friendly Campus

Put animal-free options on the menu at your school

  • Veggie burgers and salad bars are a few easy additions schools can make to their existing menus.

With more and more students choosing to eat humanely, many schools are heeding the call and offering vegetarian and vegan options. If your school isn't one of them, you can help make mealtimes a little easier for yourself and others who want meat-free foods. Read our tips below, and check out the Meatless Monday Campus Tool Kit for more!

1. Arrange a meeting with your school’s cafeteria manager or director of dining services. Prepare for your meeting by compiling a list of products you'd like dining services to carry. You could include veggie burgers, Gardein "chicken", Morningstar Riblets, or Tofurky deli slices.

2. Deliver the facts. Bring your product list to the meeting. Ask if the school can purchase vegetarian foods from any of its current vendors.

It might also be helpful to show this survey conducted by ARAMARK (one of the largest food service companies in the U.S), in which nearly a quarter of college students said it was important to have animal-friendly food options available on campus.

3. Follow up! After your meeting, make sure to email a thank-you note and keep following up. Make sure that dining services knows you’re not going away! Of course, always be courteous and professional in your follow-ups. 

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