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Club Support

How to start and run an animal protection club

NY state director talked to students in the Bronx about stopping animal cruelty


Want to start an animal protection club? We make it easy for you!

Follow our step-by-step guidelines to get your club going, then check out our many activity ideas for existing clubs. 

Starting a Club

Follow the links below to learn how and why to get an animal club going.

Why should you start a club? Working as a group will help you get more done for animals. 

How to make it happen: We'll walk you through the process of getting your club up and running.

Profiles of successful clubs: Club leaders tell us how they got started and what their clubs have accomplished. 

Club Activities

So you’ve gotten your club up and running. Maybe you’ve even already accomplished a few of your goals and aren’t sure what to do next. Don’t let your club languish. There are always animals out there that need your help. We have plenty of ways for your club to continue working on behalf of animals.

Step-by-Step Actions: Take action on our campaigns to help animals where they need it most.

Spread the Word: One of the most important things you can do as a club is educate and inform others about animal issues.

Have Fun, Raise Funds: You can do a lot for animals without a lot of money, but if you decide to do a fundraiser, here are some ideas.

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