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Why Should You Start a Club?

Working together means you can do more for animals

Members of the Great Valley High School Animal Protection Club

A. Tsiouris

Sure, you can do a lot for animals on your own, so what's the point of starting a club? For one thing, it’s fun! You’ll meet other like-minded animal lovers who want to help make a difference. The main benefit of a club, though, is that more people means you can get even more accomplished. Here's why: 

• A group has more people to make calls, write letters, hand out flyers, and get the word out on important issues. 

• Trying to solve problems by yourself can be difficult and frustrating. When you're part of a club, you get support, ideas, and encouragement from other club members. 

• A group of people speaking with one voice often has more influence than a single person. People sit up and take notice when many people come together to support an important cause. Lawmakers, school officials, and other leaders and decision‑makers are more likely to listen to the collective voice of a group. 

• A club taps the wide range of skills and talents of its members. If you love art, you could design animal cause posters. If a member has a way with words, he or she could write public service announcements or letters to newspaper editors. Other club members might be good speakers, researchers, or organizers. Your projects will be successful because of the efforts, experiences, and creativity of all your club's members. 

We hope you’ve convinced it’s well worth your time and effort to start a club. Ready to get going? Read our step-by-step guidelines

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