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School Project Help

Use your homework to help animals!

School assignments, no matter the subject or format, can be the perfect way to research and explore animal issues—and share your knowledge with others. Browse through the topics below for information and inspiration. 

About The HSUS:

Frequently Asked Questions
Our Policy Statements
Our Mission Statement
Our Accomplishments 

Animal Cruelty and Neglect:

Animal Cruelty 
Chaining and Tethering of Dogs

Animal Fighting:

Hog-Dog Fighting

Animals in Entertainment:

Greyhound Racing
Marine Mammals in Captivity

Animal Testing and Research:

Biomedical Research  
Chimpanzees Used in Research
Cosmetic and Product Testing
Government-Sanctioned Animal Testing 
Medical Training
Monkeys Used in Research 
Pain and Distress in Research Animals
Pets Used in Experiments 


Endangered Species


Factory Farming:

Gestation Crates
Battery Cages 
Poultry Slaughter 
Force-Fed Animals 
Farm Animal Welfare Science and Research


Feral Cats


Fur Production:

Caged and Trapped Animals 
Dogs and Cats in the Fur Trade


Horse Slaughter


Hunting and Wildlife Abuse:

Bear Baiting 
Canadian Seal Hunt 
Captive Hunts 
Fox and Coyote Pens 
Hound Hunting 
Hunting Over the Internet 
Hunting of Endangered Species 
Rattlesnake Roundups 
Wildlife Killing Contests

International Issues 

Pet Overpopulation:

Animal Shelters 
Pet Overpopulation Estimates 
Spaying and Neutering

Puppy Mills


Wild Animals as Pets

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