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Prairie Dog Relocation Intern—Wildlife Protection

The Prairie Dog Coalition, an alliance of non-profit organizations, concerned citizens, and scientists dedicated to the protection of imperiled prairie dogs and restoration of their ecosystems, has an opportunity for interns (click to view expanded position description) to learn hands-on techniques and skills needed to successfully run and maintain an active relocation for prairie dogs.

Interns will learn the techniques and processes for trap setting, monitoring, handling, data collection, release site monitoring, dye-marking, and placement at release site. They’ll also have the opportunity to observe and learn about behavioral differences within the species, and be able to attend public meetings and meet local government leaders.

Strong intern applicants meet the following requirements:

  • Able to meet the requirements specified in the Essential Capabilities document
  • Able to work outside in the heat
  • Good eyesight (or corrected vision) and hearing
  • Able to walk long distances over uneven terrain
  • Not fearful of handling wildlife
  • An interest in wildlife field work, or some basic education on wildlife

The position is located in Boulder, Colo. and requires a commitment of 40 hours per week for approximately 3-5 months. Stipend is available.

Interns must have Tetanus immunization, pass a criminal background check and sign a waiver and release of liability.

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Note: You'll be asked to submit a cover letter, résumé, the signed Essential Capabilities document and proof of Tetanus immunization with the application.

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