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Join us on Saturday, June 5, 2010 for an Intimate Evening at the Jordan Vineyard & Winery, benefiting The Humane Society of the United States' Making History! Campaigns.

Making History! Campaigns

Join us for an evening at the Jordan Vineyard and Wineryand to support The Humane Society of the United States' Making History! Campaigns for dogs, farm animals, and seals.

Making History for Dogs:

Puppy mills are mass dog breeding operations that house dogs in appalling conditions to produce puppies for the pet trade. While their offspring are typically sold at eight weeks of age, breeding dogs spend their entire lives confined to small wire cages with little or no exercise or veterinary care and rarely become part of a family. Through our Making History strategy—a state ballot initiative in the largest puppy producing state, Missouri—we will force a systemic change in puppy mill standards and practices. A successful outcome will advance our goal to establish laws nationwide that ensure dogs used for breeding are raised in conditions that provide for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Making History for Farm Animals:

Sentient, complex creatures, animals raised for food are as capable of feeling pain and pleasure as dogs and cats, yet they are often treated as mere production units. Millions of animals are confined so intensively they can barely move their whole lives. They have almost no legal protections and their lives and deaths are filled with abuses that would likely result in criminal cruelty charges if the victims were dogs or cats. The passage of California’s Prop 2 in 2008 launched our first Making History Campaign for Farm Animals. In 2010, we are taking Making History to a new level, with a similar ballot initiative in Ohio—where 27 million animals endure extreme confinement. A successful outcome will reduce the severe suffering of millions of farm animals, and create momentum for nationwide standards and practices.

Making History for Seals:

The global fight to end Canada’s slaughter of baby seals is among the most iconic campaigns in the animal protection movement. Millions have worked for more than five decades to stop the hunt—a goal now in sight. The next 18 months offers a critical window of opportunity to achieve Canadian legislation to permanently end commercial sealing. Last year, through our Making History for Seals Campaign, HSUS convinced the 27 nations of the EU to fully ban trade in seal products. The impact of this ban was immediate. Prices for seal fur crashed, and more than 260,000 seals survived the slaughter as a result. This year through a more intensive economic and political strategy, we intend to end the hunt through a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry.
For more information visit us at humanesociety.org.