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Friends of Finn Gala NYC 2011

Friends of Finn is committed to stopping the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills

Friends of Finn

  • Amanda Hearst, Georgina Bloomberg, and Annie Churchill are on the Frinds of Finn committee. Audrey Kramer/The HSUS

  • The committee is named after Amandas's dog Finn. Jerrritt Clark

  • Georgina's two dogs are her inspiration to help save other dogs. Jerritt Clark

  • Annie showed off a photo of her dog Groucho at the Gala preview. Jerritt Clark

by Amanda Hearst

This year, we helped to throw The HSUS's To the Rescue! Gala in New York City because the theme was "animal rescue."

In anticipation of the big event, Friends of Finn members Georgina Bloomberg and Annie Churchill (along with myself) threw a cocktail party at the Stella McCartney store. It was amazing—we raised money, and it wasn’t even a fundraiser!

Thank you to all who went. View a slideshow from the To the Rescue! Gala below.

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