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Humane Generation/Friends of Finn in Action

Committee members raise funds on behalf of The HSUS Stop Puppy Mills campaign for rescue efforts as well as education and public awareness initiatives. As strong supporters of our Puppy Friendly Pet Store initiative, which encourages pet stores to promote adoption instead of selling puppies, Humane Generation/Friends of Finn has a simple message: Adopt, don't shop! Stopping the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet shops will not only close off markets for inhumane puppy mills, it will also encourage the public to acquire dogs from shelters, rescues and responsible breeders who treat their animals with the care and love they deserve.

Humane Generation/Friends of Finn Assisting The HSUS

In 2010, Amanda Hearst visited an emergency shelter for dogs removed from a puppy mill in Mississippi. The trip marked the beginning of her involvement with the issue of puppy mills, leading to the formation of Humane Generation/Friends of Finn. Since then, committee members have assisted in numerous ways: in 2011, Lorenzo Borghese went undercover with an HSUS investigator and caught sales staff at 11 New York City-area pet stores making misleading claims concerning the origin of their puppies. In 2012, Hearst and Georgina Bloomberg helped care for dogs removed from a puppy mill in Jones County, N.C. In 2013, Hearst, Kimberly Ovitz, Breanna Schultz and Lauren Grafer Schweibold accompanied The HSUS as more than 60 dogs were rescued from a breeder in Sampson County, N.C. (Watch a video of that rescue below). In 2015, Hearst, Bloomberg, Steve Read and Courtney Stroum Meagher participated in the Humane Puerto Rico program, providing spay/neuter and triage of over 700 animals, and also equated to rescuing 160 dogs.

Members actively seek ways to plug into The HSUS’s work and advance the mission of the organization. Over the past few years, Humane Generation/Friends of Finn has done countless projects to support the campaign to stop puppy mills, including:

  • Introducing a new generation to the campaign via a variety of special events, including the annual To the Rescue! New York Gala and After Party, and in-store events with designers such as Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney;
  • Hosting a "Pup-Up Shop" to raise money and showcase adoptable dogs from a local shelter;
  • Facilitating a relationship between The HSUS and Charitybuzz auctions, providing auction items and experiences that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fight puppy mills;
  • Collaborating with companies like Soludos, The Park Hyatt New York, Samsung, Milly, Les Compagnons Wines, The High Line Hotel and others to raise awareness and money for the cause;
  • Partnering with the author of children’s book Mutt’s Promise for a visit to 3rd grade students at a NYC public school to learn about puppy mills and pet adoption;
  • On-boarding a new Emergency Placement Partner for The HSUS;
  • Promoting The HSUS through online, print, television and social media outlets.
  • Upcoming Events

    Following the 2017 To the Rescue! New York Gala, Humane Generation/Friends of Finn will celebrate with an after party! Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Stop Puppy Mills campaign.

    When: Friday, November 10, 2017, 9:30 p.m.

    Where: The Bowery Hotel, New York, N.Y.

    Get your tickets»

    Humane Generation/Friends of Finn in the News

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