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The James Herriot Award

  • James Alfred Wight (left), better known by his pen name James Herriot, with HSUS president John Hoyt in 1987.

In 1987, The HSUS established the James Herriot Award, to be given to “an outstanding agency or individual who, through communication with the public, has helped promote and inspire an appreciation of and concern for animals.” 

The award, named in honor of the world-famous author and veterinarian James Herriot, whose given name was James Alfred Wight (1916-1995), takes the form of a porcelain figurine created by the Edward Boehm Studio. 


Recipients of the James Herriot Award

1987 – James Alfred Wight (also known as James Herriot)
1987 – Paul Harvey
1988 – Betty White Ludden
1989 – Irwin H. Bloch
1990 – Walter L. Cronkite, Jr.
1991 – Roger A. Caras
1992 – Thomas Berry
1993 – Albert Gore, Jr.
1994 – Prince Sadruddin and Princess Catherine Aleya Aga Khan
1995 – Lauren Shuler Donner and Richard Donner
1996 – Maurice F. Strong
1997 – Gretchen Wyler
1999 – Oleg Cassini

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