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Nicole Paquette

Vice President, Wildlife Protection

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Nicole Paquette is The HSUS's Vice President of Wildlife Protection. Pete Marovich/For The HSUS

Nicole Paquette is The HSUS's Vice President of Wildlife Protection.

She has spent her career working on behalf of animals with a diverse focus on campaigns, outreach, public policy, and management.

Paquette joined The HSUS in 2010 to work on policy issues. She then went on to serve as The HSUS's senior state director in Texas, where she worked to strengthen that state's cockfighting laws and pass landmark legislation to regulate puppy-mill breeding facilities.

From there she went on to become Deputy Director of Program and Policy to The HSUS's Chief Program and Policy Officer, Michael Markarian. Amid all these duties, Paquette has been an integral part of our Exotic Pet Campaign since she started.

Paquette started her work for animals as a law clerk for the Fund for Animals and then, for almost a decade, worked for the Animal Protection Institute/Born Free USA, where she was Senior Vice President and General Counsel. She oversaw the organization's legal and legislative efforts, as well as management of the organization's key campaigns, focusing on captive wildife and wildlife protection issues.

She has assisted countless states and cities with introducing and passing laws relating to dangerous wild animals, animals in entertainment, companion animals, and a range of wildlife issues. She has played an integral role in successfully defeating anti-animal welfare bills across the country.

A California native, Paquette earned a B.A. from San Francisco State University and a Juris Doctor from Vermont Law School. She has two rescue-pets, Noah the cat and Ellie, a chow-retriever mix, who happily accompanies Paquette to The HSUS offices every day.

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