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National Law Enforcement Council

The HSUS's National Law Enforcement Council, comprised of current and former law enforcement officers and prosecutors, helps combat animal crimes nationwide. 

Members of the national council have shown leadership in protecting animals from neglect, violence, and other crimes, with an emphasis on animal cruelty, fighting, and poaching laws. Member activities may include supporting state and federal legislation that strengthens animal protection laws, promoting animal protection training opportunities for local law enforcement, and raising awareness of The HSUS's animal crimes rewards, tip lines, and other resources.

Council members

  • Sgt. Joel Caldwell, Galveston Police Department (Texas)
  • Dom Costa, former Pittsburgh Chief of Police and current Pennsylvania Representative
  • Mike Dunavant, District Attorney General (Tennessee)
  • Nancy Foley, former Chief Wildlife Enforcement Officer (California)
  • Col. Julie Jones, former Director of the Division of Law Enforcement, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Joshua Marquis, Clatsop County District Attorney (Oregon)
  • Henry McMaster, former South Carolina Attorney General
  • Gary Michels, Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (West Virginia)
  • James Moore, Kemper County Sheriff (Mississippi)
  • Jim Petro, former Ohio Attorney General
  • Michael Ramos, San Bernardino County District Attorney (California)
  • Belinda Smith, Harris County Assistant District Attorney (Texas)
  • John W. Thompson,  Deputy Executive Director, National Sheriffs' Association 
  • Michelle Welch, Virginia Assistant Attorney General

If you are interested in joining the National Law Enforcement Council, please email achynoweth@humanesociety.org.