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Michigan Senior State Director

Jill Fritz

  • Jill Fritz is The HSUS's Michigan senior state director. The HSUS

Jill Fritz is The HSUS's Michigan senior state director. In the past, she served as The HSUS's state director for Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As Michigan state director, Fritz played a key role in the passage of farm animal protection legislation, banning the confinement systems of battery cages, veal crates, and gestation crates on factory farms.

Fritz came to The HSUS with an extensive background in grassroots activism, first as student coordinator for PETA and then as national coordinator of World Farm Animals Day.

She previously served as the president of San Diego Animal Advocates, where she focused on the plight of animals in the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and at local research laboratories. She was also active in efforts to outlaw fur trapping and resolve urban wildlife conflicts, and was part of a legislative coalition that initiated the ban on dog tethering in California.  

She also won several journalism awards as a producer, director, and editor at a San Diego public radio station. Fritz received her degree in humanities from San Diego State University.

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