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Louisiana State Director

Julia Breaux Melancon

  • Julia Breaux-Melancon is The HSUS's Louisiana state director. Pete Marovich

Julia Breaux-Melancon is the Louisiana state director for The HSUS. She works to help animals through legislation, corporate campaigns, citizen advocacy, coalition building, and other projects with both local and national scope.

Since joining The HSUS in 2007, Breaux-Melancon has participated in puppy mill raids, disaster response deployments, equine-abuse cases, animal shelter consultations, Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) meetings, and lobbying the state and federal legislatures.

Under Breaux-Melancon’s state director term, many important state laws have been passed—perhaps most notably in 2007, when Louisiana became the 50th state to ban cockfighting.

Before joining HSUS, Breaux-Melancon worked for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor during the Blanco administration and also worked on several statewide political campaigns. The Lafayette native graduated with a B.A. from Louisiana State University in 1999. In 2001, she moved to New Orleans, where she currently resides. 

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