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North Carolina State Director

Kimberly Alboum

  • Kimberly Alboum is The HSUS's North Carolina state director. Diane Lewis

As the North Carolina state director for The HSUS, Kim Alboum has a special interest in puppy mills and North Carolina animal shelters.

In 2005, Alboum became the volunteer coordinator and served as a board member for the Puppy Mill Awareness Day Organization, raising public awareness of the cruelties of mass-production puppy factories. Initially focused on Lancaster County, Penn., the organization expanded to address puppy mill issues nationwide.

Her volunteer responsibilities included tracking dog breeding legislation and cruelty laws in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and other high-volume puppy mill states. Alboum planned and executed public awareness events in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. She also worked with animal advocates across the country to create similar events in local communities.

As rescue community liaison for the French Bulldog Rescue Network, a national group with more than 700 volunteers, Alboum worked with shelters and rescuers to educate the public on breed-specific issues. She also worked with shelters and law enforcement across the country when French bulldogs were involved in puppy mills seizures, hoarding cases, or animal cruelty situations.

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