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Kansas State Director

Midge Grinstead

  • Midge Grinstead is The HSUS's Kansas state director. Pete Marovich/For The HSUS

Before becoming The HSUS's Kansas state director, Midge Grinstead spent 14 years as executive director at a large animal shelter in Kansas.

Grinstead helped to overturn or block breed-specific legislation in multiple counties and worked on the passage of the state's felony cockfighting legislation. Grinstead also co-founded Humane Kansas Legislative Network, a group instrumental in passing Kansas' felony animal cruelty bill into law.  


Meet Midge Grinstead and watch her at work

Grinstead is a board member of the Kansas State Animal Response Team and served on the Governor's Board for Companion Animal Legislation. She has also assisted the Kansas Animal Health Department in housing animals seized from animal hoarders, substandard kennels, and other situations involving animal welfare violations.

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