The HSUS's dedicated directors (and equivalents) work hard to make this a humane society for animals. Please contact the appropriate person on our media contacts list if you need to speak to someone on our staff.

Our executive leadership is listed separately.

Accounting | Administration | Animal Care Centers | Animal Cruelty, Rescue, and Response | Animal Protection Litigation | Animal Research Issues | Business Development | Campaigns | Communications | Companion Animals | Conferences and Special Events | Councils and Grassroots | Direct Marketing and Membership | Federal Affairs | Humane Society AcademyHumane Society International | Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association | Human Resources | Information Systems and Technology | Los Angeles Office | Office of General Counsel | Outreach and Engagement | Philanthropy | Research and Investigations | State Affairs | Wildlife Land Trust | Wildlife Protection


  • Barbara Balinger, Senior Financial Analyst
  • Theresa Reese, Deputy Controller
  • Deborah Sampson, Assistant Controller


  • Richard LaDez, Director of Security
  • Dina McDaniel, Director of Administration

Animal Care Centers

  • Noelle Almrud, Director of Animal Care, Black Beauty Ranch
  • Benjamin Callison, Director, Black Beauty Ranch
  • Ali Crumpacker, Director, Wildlife Care Center, Fund for Animals Wildlife Center
  • Scott Gregory, Director of Operations, South Florida Wildlife Center
  • Jennifer Kunz, Director, Duchess Sanctuary
  • Lynn Miller, Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation, Cape Wildlife Center
  • Deborah Robbins Millman, Director, Cape Wildlife Center, Cape Wildlife Center
  • Arturo Padron, Director of Facilities, Black Beauty Ranch
  • Debra Parsons, Senior Director, Animal Care Centers
  • Sherry Schlueter, Executive Director, South Florida Wildlife Center
  • Renata Schneider, Director, Wildlife Rehabilitation, South Florida Wildlife Center

Animal Cruelty, Rescue and Response

  • Sara Varsa, Director of Operations

Animal Protection Litigation

  • Peter Brandt, Senior Attorney, Farm Animals
  • Andrew Lurie, Senior Attorney, International Law and Trade
  • Kimberly Ockene, Senior Attorney, Companion Animals & Research
  • Matthew Penzer, Special Counsel
  • Peter Petersan, Director, Animal Protection Litigation
  • Mila Zain, Legislative Counsel

Animal Research Issues

  • Pascaline Clerc, Ph.D., Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy
  • Catherine Willett, Ph.D., Director, Regulatory Toxicology, Risk Assessment

Business Development

  • Steven McVeigh, Director


  • Joshua Balk, Outreach Director, Factory Farming
  • Ann Chynoweth, Senior Director, Animal Cruelty and Fighting
  • John Goodwin, Director, Animal Cruelty Policy
  • Melanie Kahn, Campaign Senior Director, Stop Puppy Mills
  • Matthew Prescott, Outreach Director, Factory Farming
  • Kathleen Summers, Director, Outreach and Research, Puppy Mills


  • Jennifer Beel, Creative Director, Content
  • Grace Markarian, Senior Director, Online Communications
  • Michael McFarland, Director, Online Technology
  • Angela Moxley, Editorial Director, Content
  • Rachel Querry, Senior Director, Communications
  • Polly Shannon, Director, HSI Communications
  • Chad Sisneros, Senior Director, Video
  • Heather Sullivan, Director, Media Relations

Companion Animals

  • Amanda Arrington, Director, Pets for Life
  • Natalie DiGiacomo, Director, Shelter Services
  • Inga Fricke, Director, Shelter & Rescue Group Services
  • Katie Lisnik, Director, Cat Protection and Policy
  • Cory Smith, Director, Pet Protection and Policy
  • Kristie Stevanus, Director, Marketing and Corporate Partnership
  • Kirsten Theisen, Director, Pet Care Issues

Conferences and Special Events

  • Jennifer Ludwig, Director, Conferences and Special Events

Councils and Grassroots

  • Alexandra Bury, Senior Director, Council and Grassroots Outreach
  • Heather Carpenter, Director, State Legislative Campaigns
  • Carol Misseldine, Director of Grassroots Campaigns

Direct Marketing and Membership

  • Christine Barnes, Senior Director, Donor Care, Membership
  • Nancy Campbell, Director, Direct Marketing

Federal Affairs

  • Mimi Brody, Director, Federal Affairs
  • Tracie Letterman, Director, Regulatory Affairs

Humane Society Academy

  • Stephanie Itle-Clark, Ed.D., Director of Learning

Humane Society International

  • Dr. Michael Greger, Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture, Farm Animal Welfare
  • Chetana Mirle, Director, Farm Animal Welfare
  • Rebecca Aldworth, Director, Canada
  • J. Christopher Pare, Director of Communications, Canada
  • Kelly O'Meara, Director, Companion Animals and Engagement
  • Cynthia Dent, Regional Director, Latin America
  • Wendy Higgins, Director of Communications, U.K.
  • Mark Jones, Director, U.K.
  • Teresa Telecky, Ph.D., Director, Wild Animals
  • Adam Parascandola, Director of Animal Protection and Crisis Response

Humane Society Veterinary Medical Assocation

  • Michael Blackwell, D.V.M., Senior Director, Veterinary Policy
  • Susan Monger, D.V.M., Director, International Programs
  • Pamela Runquist, Director, Veterinary Advocacy
  • Windi Wojdak, R.V.T., Director, HSVMA Field Services

Human Resources

  • Gail Berrigan, Director, Organizational Communications
  • Ursula Norbert, Director, Employee Relations and Recruitment

Information Systems and Technology

  • Nicholas Bennett, Director, Data Services, Information Systems
  • Joseph Cornell, Director, Information Systems
  • Emily Smith Courville, Data Analysis Director, Information Systems

Los Angeles Office

  • Yvonne Bennett, Director, Special Events and Celebrity Engagement
  • Beverly Kaskey, Senior Director, Los Angeles

Office of General Counsel

  • Rebecca Branzell, Deputy General Counsel
  • Sara Marshman, Assistant General Counsel
  • Susannah May, Senior Assistant General Counsel
  • Kayci McLeod, Assistant General Counsel
  • Stephen Swartz, Associate General Counsel

Outreach and Engagement

  • Christine Gutleben, Senior Director, Faith Outreach
  • Hilary Anne Hager, Director, Volunteer Engagement
  • Eric H. Swafford, Director, Rural Outreach and Development


  • Kimberlee Dinn, Director of Foundation Relations
  • Karen Duarte, Senior Director
  • Lauren Grafer, Director, Special Events
  • Patricia Kauffman, Director of Bequests
  • Steven Maughan, Senior Director, Planned Gifts and Estates
  • Kelcey Meadows-Lucas, Senior Director
  • Smrithi Prabhu, Director
  • Darren Silvis, Director
  • Andrea Summers, Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship
  • Kristina Thompson-Johns, Senior Director
  • Drew Wynn, Senior Director, Emerging Major Gifts and Stewardship

Research and Investigations

  • Bettina Camcigil, Director of Research
  • Leana Stormont, Investigative Counsel
  • Mary Beth Sweetland, Senior Director

State Affairs

  • Arnold Baer, Managing Director
  • Andi Bernat, Director, State Legislation
  • Sherry Ramsey, Director, State Affairs Animal Cruelty Prosecution

Wildlife Land Trust

  • James Reed, Director of Stewardship
  • Marla Wilson, Director, Public Outreach (part-time)

Wildlife Protection

  • Stephanie Boyles Griffin, Senior Director, Wildlife Response, Innovation, and Services
  • Tracy Coppola, Director, Wildlife Abuse Campaign
  • John Griffin, Director, Humane Wildlife Solutions, Humane Wildlife Services
  • John Hadidian, Ph.D., Senior Scientist
  • Kathryn Kullberg, Director, Marine Wildlife Protection
  • David Pauli, Senior Director, Innovations and Response Team
  • Lindsey Sterling Krank, Director, Prairie Dog Coalition
  • Sara Walker, Director, Fur-Free and Lead-Free Campaigns
  • Lynsey White Dasher, Director, Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution
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