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Amanda Arrington

Director, Pets for Life

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Amanda Arrington works within communities to make life more humane for pets, their people, and their neighborhoods. The HSUS

Amanda Arrington is the director of The HSUS's Pets for Life program, which improves the lives of people and pets in underserved communities by expanding animal welfare resources, services, and information as well as strengthening the human-animal bond.

The "boots on the ground" work and the approach of meeting people where they are—within their own communities—is a novel concept for many in the companion-animal welfare field, and Arrington is determined to push the field further in this exciting and effective direction. 

Arrington is also the founder and executive director of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, a Durham, N.C.-based group that lobbies for tethering restrictions and builds relationships within communities by providing free spay/neuter and free fences for dogs. The group also provides training and mentorship to other individuals and groups interested in doing similar work.

Previously, Arrington was The HSUS's North Carolina state director. Prior to that, she served for three years as the chair of the Durham County Animal Control Advisory Committee and on the board of the Durham Interneighborhood Council. She has received many awards for her accomplishments in community outreach. 

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