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Dave Pauli

Senior Director, Wildlife Innovations and Response

Dave Pauli is The HSUS's Senior Director of Wildlife Innovations and Response. 

In his role, he is the team leader for the Wildlife Innovations & Response Team (WIRT), which works with government, private agencies, and individuals to help wildlife in crisis.

This is inclusive of disaster responses, hoarder and cruelty situations, contraceptive projects, and chemical/physical capture projects.

Other HSUS WIRT duties include supervision of the Prairie Dog Coalition—a program targeting prairie dog and prairie habitat conservation that works on projects involving prairie dogs, ferrets, burrowing owls, and other prairie species.

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Pauli also leads the Humane Design team which works toward both supply- and demand-side improvement to wildlife handling and capture equipment.

Pauli also supervises the habitat projects for the Duchess Sanctuary and serves on a dozen internal, foundation, sanctuary, and state committees, boards, or advisory groups.

Pauli has worked for The Humane Society/FFA for two decades in the Field Services, Animal Care Centers, and Wildlife Sections. He has served as a state director, regional director, western regional director, as well as a team leader to field projects in 15 states and Taiwan, Haiti, Philippines, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Russia.

Pauli served as the Animal Incident Commander for the 1997 Red River Flood in Minnesota and the 2005 Katrina Lamar-Dixon effort in Louisana.

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