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Rowdy Shaw

Lead Field Responder, Animal Rescue Team

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Rowdy Shaw is the Lead Field Responder for The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team. Kathy Milani/The HSUS

Rowdy Shaw is the Lead Field Responder for The HSUS's Animal Rescue Team, making him the go-to guy for virtually every significant animal rescue.

Shaw joined The HSUS in 2007 from the Humane Society of North Texas, after working alongside The HSUS rescuing and sheltering animals displaced by Hurricane Ike. Since then, he has deployed in every major HSUS animal rescue—planning, coordinating rescue teams, setting up shelters, and caring for animals in distress.  

His rescue work ranges from removing animals from puppy mills and animal hoarding situations to large-scale rescues of animals in natural disasters. Over the years he has personally removed thousands of animals—from tiny pet hamsters to large herds of unruly cattle—from perilous situations.

Besides his years of hands-on rescue experience, Shaw's skills include technical water rescue, technical rope rescue, large animal rescue, and technical animal rescue. Before his career in animal rescue, Shaw spent years working with livestock on ranches in the Midwest, as well as personally rescuing and re-homing countless stray dogs and cats.

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