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Troy Snell

Field Responder, Animal Rescue Team

The Humane Society of the United States

  • Troy Snell is a field responder for the Animal Rescue Team. Harrison McClary

Before coming to The HSUS, Troy Snell worked as an animal control officer in both Los Angeles County and Oakland, California.

During his 20 years working in the animal control field, he patrolled some of the toughest neighborhoods in the inner cities, rescuing stray dogs and cats, investigating illegal animal cruelty and animal fighting, and educating the public about animal care and state cruelty laws. 

Prior to working as an animal control officer, Snell worked for eight years at the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley, starting as a kennel worker and eventually progressing to oversee and manage the entire kennel staff. 

After using his vacation time to deploy with The HSUS on several large-scale animal rescues, Snell was recruited by The HSUS to take on a full-time, paid position with the Animal Rescue Team. He is based out of Alabama, where he lives with his dog Daisy Mae, a King Charles spaniel rescued from a cruelty case in Texas.

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