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Accomplishments in 2007

Here are some of the highlights of our work in 2007:

Animal fighting laws passed

A federal felony animal fighting law was enacted. At the state level, we helped to pass a record 86 new laws. Louisiana and New Mexico, the last two holdout states, banned cockfighting. In scores of nationwide cockfight raids, 1,100 were arrested and 14,000 game fowl seized.

HSUS helps convict Michael Vick on dogfighting charges

Confidential information gathered by The HSUS was a crucial component in the successful investigation and prosecution of football star Michael Vick on dogfighting charges. In the subsequent national crackdown, 485 arrests were made and more than 1,900 dogs confiscated.

Groundbreaking anti-dogfighting program founded

We developed a pilot program in Chicago to combat street dogfighting through law enforcement training, youth education, focus group research, street level intervention, and dog training classes for youths most at risk.

Horse slaughterhouses in U.S. closed

Horse slaughter for human food exports ended in the U.S. as we forced the closure of the three operating equine abattoirs. We shifted considerable focus to end the export of live horses to slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico.

Farm animal welfare reforms

As our factory farming campaign widened, Oregon banned gestation crates for pregnant pigs. Wolfgang Puck, Burger King, and Compass Group—the world’s largest food service provider—adopted reforms for more humane food sourcing.

E.U. fur ban

The 27 nations of the European Union banned the import and export of dog and cat fur, capping an eight-year HSUS campaign.

Fur labels disputed

We filed a legal petition before the Federal Trade Commission to stop false advertising and labeling of animal fur by Saks Fifth Avenue, Bluefly, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and others.

Puppy mill investigations nationwide

A major nationwide investigation into the growing puppy mill industry was launched. In Virginia alone, The HSUS documented some 1,000 commercial dog breeding operations, many unlicensed and unregulated. Hundreds of puppies and adult dogs were rescued for adoption. We also conducted a nationwide investigation into dog auctions, documenting animals kept in appalling conditions.

Hunting bans

California banned the use of lead shot by hunters in the habitat of the endangered California condor. Our successful lawsuit against hunting in National Wildlife Refuges kept untold numbers of animals safe in now-protected habitat.

HSVMA launched

The HSUS and the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights combined to launch the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, giving animals a powerful organization to coordinate the work of humane-minded vets.

HSUS disaster response teams aid animals in distress

HSUS disaster response teams traveled to Mexico to assist in relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Dean, and helped save more than 1,000 animals affected by Southern California’s massive wildfires.

 “Homes for Horses” coalition founded

A first-ever equine rescue summit cosponsored by The HSUS led to the creation of a “Homes for Horses” coalition of 20 animal welfare, horse rescue, and veterinary organizations.

Legal victories

Our legal team launched a major new partnership with Georgetown University Law Center, and also won rulings stopping commercial fur trapping that kills federally protected Canada lynx; imposing thousands of dollars in fines for factory farm pollution against the nation’s largest foie gras producer; forcing the Florida Department of Agriculture to develop new veterinarian health inspection requirements for dogs sold at retail; blocking the federal government from gutting the trusted "dolphin safe" label on tuna products; and protecting three critically endangered whales from slow and horrific fishing gear entanglement deaths.

Help for wild horse herds

With the help of a $1.7 million Annenberg Foundation grant, we began working with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management on a five-year contraception project to replace costly and cruel roundups of western wild horses with humane population control methods.

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