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2016 Accomplishments

See what we've achieved for animals so far this year

In 2016, The Humane Society of the United States continues its work to improve the lives of animals everywhere. Learn more about our achievements so far this year.

More major companies commit to cage-free egg policies

The momentum toward a completely cage-free egg supply chain continues to grow, as Walmart announced in April it will buy all its eggs from cage-free sources by 2025. Target, Trader Joe’s, Denny’s, Wendy’s, Sonic, Supervalu, and several other companies have made similar commitments this year.  

Ringling Bros. ends elephant acts

On May 1, the elephants of Ringling Bros. performed for the last time, following last year's announcement that Ringling would end its traveling elephant acts.

Philadelphia bans sale of puppy mill dogs

The city council of Philadelphia banned the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores and at outdoor venues like flea markets. The city joins more than 140 localities with similar ordinances restricting puppy sales.

Bobcat hunting and trapping blocked in New Hampshire

After an outpouring of concern from state residents, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission withdrew a proposal to open a bobcat hunting, hounding and trapping season

Oklahoma bill to defund animal welfare organizations fails

An ill-fated bill that would have made it illegal for animal charities to solicit donations from Oklahomans failed.

SeaWorld ends orca breeding

After negotiations with The HSUS, SeaWorld announced that it will stop breeding orcas and will not obtain orcas from additional sources. The company will also phase out theatrical orca shows.

Nearly 300 dogs rescued from Arkansas puppy mill

Following a tip to the HSUS puppy mill tip line, our Animal Rescue Team removed 295 puppies and dogs from a puppy mill in Madison County, Arkansas.

Armani goes fur-free

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani announced that all of his labels will go 100 percent fur-free. Armani committed to the policy after working with The HSUS and the Fur Free Alliance.

Bon Appetit announces farm animal welfare reforms

Bon Appetit Management Company, long at the forefront of progress for farm animals, updated its animal welfare policy to further improve conditions for cows, pigs and chickens in its supply chain.

Humane Society International makes strides in Mexico

Our international affiliate continued its expansion with the opening of the HSI-Mexico office in March, and in April celebrated the end of animal cruelty at Mexico’s annual Kots Kaal Pato festival.

Nevada shuts down its last gas chamber

With a grant from The HSUS, the City of Elko, Nevada, decommissioned its carbon monoxide gas chamber.

Humane Society International shuts down South Korea meat farm

As part of HSI’s continuing efforts to curtail South Korea’s dog meat industry, the HSI Animal Rescue Team shut down a dog meat farm and rescued nearly 300 dogs.

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